How can there be infertility after marriage, but it is just kidney deficiency and liver stagnation. One side nourishes the kidney and spars the liver, regulates menstruation to help pregnancy

There was a female patient in the outpatient clinic. She was not pregnant for 13 years after marriage. Today I will tell the story of her real medical case and provide you with a improvement of traditional Chinese medicine.

Ms. Wang, female, 35 years old, as mentioned above, she was married at the age of 22, and her friends were married late for a second child, but she had never come out.The major hospitals were checked as ovulation dysfunction, and they had taken any medicine, but have not improved.Come here for treatment by my friends.

Diagnosis: The patient’s menstruation is wrong, the time is uncertain, the amount is small, the color is dark, there are blood clots, the breasts are painful, irritable and full of chest.Better pain, fatigue, dizziness and tinnitus, dizziness, tongue, dull tongue, and ecchymosis.

As I have said, there are many causes of infertility in women, but kidney deficiency and liver stagnation is more common in the certificate."Inadequate emotion, liver qi stagnation, abulgasm, qi and blood discord, and discharge cannot be fundamental, so that infertility, liver lift hair, qi qi stagnation, leakage and loss, then blood and sea accumulation are abnormal, after passing throughIf things cannot be as scheduled, they cannot be taken into pregnancy.Covering the kidney is the innate foundation, the root of vitality is related to reproduction.

All in all, patients are kidney deficiency and liver stagnation, and they are imbalanced. For this, my treatment ideas are: nourishing kidney and relieving liver, then tunes.

Which recipe do I use for her?

Cooked land, dogwood, yam, white peony, Sichuan broken, mulberry parasitic, Cistanche, silk filament, nostalgia, turtle shells, oysters, Chuanxiong, Xiangfu, Sands Sandsmen, king does not stay.

This guideline has the effect of replenishing the kidneys to nourish the liver. In addition, the pressure of her and her husband should not be too great.Beautiful things, right?

After the retracement, Ms. Wang finally conceived a son and called me to express the joy of the family. I was also very happy for them. This is also the happiest moment for my medicine.

Okay, let’s talk about it today. Do you have the same problem as after -marriage as Ms. Wang before? Let me talk about it in detail and dialectically support for you!

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