How did you do contraception?What are the differences in home and abroad at home and abroad?Are they all right?After reading the rising knowledge

Xiao Zhou was 22 years old. He just married his boyfriend just after graduating from college. Both were young and had no plans to have a child for the time being, but because he did not take contraceptive measures, Xiao Zhou had miscarriage twice.

This made Xiao Zhou’s parents very angry. They worried that their daughter’s body would cause infertility due to abortion again and again. They educated Xiao Monday, and they took Xiao couple to the hospital to seek a solution from the doctor.

When the doctor knew about the situation of the couple of Xiao Zhou, he first asked what kind of contraception did Xiao Zhou use and how the failure rate was so high. Xiao Zhou’s frankness of her and her lover was contraceptive in the way of ejaculation.

The doctor sighed, and she told the small couple that the chance of failure in the in vitro ejaculation was very high. It was not a scientific contraceptive method. Long -term use of this method of contraception. Unexpected pregnancy would often come to the door.Xiao Zhou will not even have children in the future, it is best to choose a scientific contraceptive method.

In fact, contraception refers to the various methods and measures taken by women to avoid women’s conception in the life of husband and wife.

As early as 4,000 AD, our ancestors began to come up with various ways for contraception, but due to the limited medical level at that time, humans did not know how to get pregnant.The success rate is also very low.

However, with the continuous development of medicine, people have gradually realized the benefits of physical contraception. However, due to the limitation of technology, people who want contraception can only choose to use some animals’ intestines or fish salamanders for contraception.Essence

The problem is that the hygiene of such contraceptives is worrying, and there is still the possibility of damage during use, and contraceptives are still very distressing.

It was not until the 19th century that the emergence of rubber vulcanization technology changed this situation, and the condom made by rubber became popular at the time.

However, due to the discomfort during the use of condoms, a large part of men are still unwilling to use condoms, which makes many women who do not want to get pregnant. Based on this situationFemale friends’ "gospel".

After that, in order to meet our different needs for contraception, various contraceptive measures have also been developed, and the success rate of contraception has become higher and higher.Everyone may not understand, why do we always have such an attitude towards contraception?

You know, the life of husband and wife is not just a purpose of breeding. It is also a way of emotional communication. For couples who have no fertility, they need to face two options during accidents.

One choice is fertility, but because there is no preparation of fertility, the economic conditions and physical conditions of both men and women are suitable for fertility, and it is also very unfavorable for eugenics and eugenics.

Another choice is abortion, but abortion hurts women’s physical damage. No matter what ways of abortion, they will cause damage to women’s uterine endometrium, and even the risk of uterine perforation and big bleeding.

If there are too many miscarriage, the endometrium will become very thin, resulting in the fertilized eggs without good bed conditions when fertility of women in the future, and cannot grow in the uterus, causing infertility.

Moreover, abortion will also affect the emotional emotions of both men and women. Female friends will have a strong guilt to the fetus during the miscarriage. This guilt will not only affect the daily life of women, but also change the attitude of female friends to their partners. It is seriously serious.It will lead to the breakdown of marriage.

Therefore, the best way is to curb the emergence of this choice at the source, and contraception is the most cost -effective choice.At present, the main contraceptive methods in my country are condoms and birthplaces of birth. Turbish method.

1. contraceptive needle

The contraceptive needle is a drug with long -term contraception. It releases estrogen and progesterone into women’s blood. These hormones can inhibit women’s ovulation or change the state of the endometrium to achieve the purpose of contraception.

There are many common contraceptive needles on the market. Generally, they are injected once or once in 3 months in 1 month. The specific injection time needs to consult a doctor.Compared with traditional contraceptive methods, this injection method and frequency of contraceptive needles will greatly improve the compliance of patients’ medication, and it will not affect the quality of husband and wife life. The contraceptive needle is popular with the people.

2. contraceptive sticker

You may not have thought that the current contraceptive measures can only be completed by patch.

The contraceptive sticker is actually a sticky patch. This kind of patch is specially made. You only need to stick it on the skin and replace it on time.Essence

The biggest advantage of contraceptive posts is convenience. It only requires us to operate by ourselves, but because of its too convenient features, many female friends forget to change the contraceptive sticker and reduce the effect of contraception.In theory, the success rate of contraception contraceptives is more than 99%, because it is easy to forget, resulting in only 91%of its contraceptive success.

In addition, because the contraceptive sticker is affixed to the skin, and it is pasted on the skin for a long time, this is likely to cause discomfort such as redness and itching in the skin of the patient’s paste.It is also possible that contraception and falling off due to daily activities affect the effect of contraception.

3. Under the skin buried contraceptive method

The subcutaneous burial contraceptive method is to implant the subcutaneous buried agent through the operation of the medical staff. The subcutaneous buried agent is still composed of estrogen and progesterone.Pharmacy.

This contraceptive method has last longer compared to contraceptives, which can last for 3-7 years. It is very suitable for those female friends who have long-term contraception.However, although the contraceptive effect of the subcutaneous contraceptive method is very good, after all, it belongs to a type of creative surgery and the risk of infection in the wound. Therefore, it should be avoided within one week after the operation to reduce the possibility of infection.Preventive application of some antibiotics.

The above three contraceptive methods are currently more common contraceptive measures abroad. Compared with traditional contraceptive methods, these contraceptive methods are better and more convenient to use.It is hoped that in the future, more husbands and wives are willing to accept these efficient and convenient contraceptive methods, rather than using an unreliable way to use external ejaculation.

The in vitro radio ejaculation method used by husband and wife has actually been confirmed that its failure rate has been as high as 30%long ago. If the in vitro ejaculation is in the latter a few in the contraceptive method, the in vitro ejaculation must be in the last few.

Those who are willing to use this method will have a certain understanding of the combination of sperm and eggs. They believe that as long as the semen does not enter women, it will not be pregnant. In theory, this method is established.

However, in the process of practical practice, we found that there is no guarantee that no sperm is omitted, and there are individual differences in this method.Therefore, it is not recommended to use the method of ejaculation in the body for contraception.

In addition to contraceptive misunderstandings such as vitamin ejaculation, safety contraception is also one of the very common contraceptive misunderstandings.

The safety period generally refers to a week before and after menstruation. During this period of time, the eggs in women have not been discharged, so many young couples like to communicate with husband and wife during this time, thinking that this can effectively avoid pregnancy.

Is this really the case?In fact, this so -called safety period is actually relatively in fact, not all women’s menstruation is regular. Even women with regular ovulation may be delayed or advanced by ovulation due to external factors.

Therefore, safety during safety is not a good way. The uncertainty is too large, and the chance of accidental pregnancy is also very high. It is best not to have a husband and wife life in the so -called safe period.

In particular, some people think that women will not ovulate during breastfeeding, and they can live without protection.

This is a wrong idea. Even if some women do not have menstruation, they will ovulate 1-2 months after production. At this time, if the husband and wife live, there is also the possibility of pregnancy.

If you are pregnant during breastfeeding, the woman’s body has not fully recovered because the last production has not yet fully recovered, and the uterus is very fragile and does not have the conditions for secondary production.For the sake of the health of female friends, we must avoid the occurrence of things such as pregnant pregnancy.

It is very normal for a person to get married and have children, but not every time the husband and wife communicate are for childbirth. If you often get pregnant, you can only choose a miscarriage.However, abortion will cause great harm to women’s physical and mental health, and will also cause the relationship between husband and wife to break.

Compared with our traditional condoms, birthplaces, and contraceptives commonly used abroad, it has changed a lot, which has changed greatly, becoming more efficient, convenient, and safe.Both and subcutaneous buried contraceptives are very popular contraceptive methods.

As for the kind of contraceptive method of Xiao Zhou’s husband and wife, in fact, it belongs to a misunderstanding of contraception. The failure rate is very high. It is not recommended to use it.In addition, like safety and breastfeeding contraception are the scope of contraceptive misunderstanding. I hope everyone will stay away from these "pit" on the road of contraception.


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