How did you find pregnancy?Bao Ma: Dreaming of a snake in the living room, wake up and tested

Pregnancy is a magical thing. A small life carries the power of parents’ love to the world, and then starts to bred in the mother’s belly, grow up, and become a baby who can cry and laugh.

For my mother, the ten months of pregnancy are unforgettable, especially from planning to pregnancy to seeing the two red bars on the test strip, which is more than a hundred times more happy than "self -disassembly courier".

But many times, because of the special connection and fate with the children, mothers will have "induced" before they are tested, so many fun things have happened.

Let ’s take a look together, how do netizens and mothers find that they are pregnant with their babies and what are the interesting things?

@v87702152390: Because menstruation is inaccurate, I think I have a stomach disease, I am hungry at less than meals, and I am particularly uncomfortable when I was hungry. I was not good after taking a lot of stomach medicine.Big sweet potato.You must be pregnant, so I went to buy a test strip.I really got pregnant, girl!

@617: Suddenly the small belly is very prominent … then I thought I was fat, swim 1000 meters, did not go on, and climbed the Badaling Great Wall again. I ran 2 kilometers at the foot of the Great Wall to catch the last tourist team for 2 kilometers.Tian found that there was still a small belly, and I ran away … In the end, my husband said that I was not good recently, and I persuaded me to measure my test. Now I am 32 weeks of pregnancy. I hope that Zai Tsai will be born smoothly.

@v86448800016: I dreamed of sitting with my family neighbor sitting in the yard with my nap, and suddenly saw a white fat boy ride in the sky in the sky and made them see that they could not see it.Holding a doll at the bed and breastfeeding. After two or three days, I dreamed that I went to the mother’s house. As a result, there were several big pythons at each intersection.Later, there was a white fat man treasure!Now these dreams are still very profound!

@貂: I found that I am fat, have a small belly, and exercise the vest line and yoga.She said that my state was as pregnant, but as a result, I was really in two bars!

@: A few days before the pregnancy, my husband, and my mother dreamed of puppy. My mother went home to open a house in the door of the door.I still wondered where the dog came from. I dreamed that a puppy bit my arm and played with me. Later, the menstruation did not come for a week, and the chest was swollen. I felt that it should be pregnant.Buy a test strip for a dollar, and test the strong yang!Now the baby is 16 months old, it is a dog.EssenceEssence

@: I didn’t know it when I was pregnant for a month. It was my husband told me the next day he had a dream. Dreaming of a big fat boy woke him up with a wet mouth.At that time, I laughed at him that he wanted his son to crazy. After 20 days, I was free to get a pregnancy test paper. I was really pregnant. Now my son really kiss his dad.

@gzymm: Preparation for pregnancy.In the early morning of the morning, my husband dreamed of hitting a mouse, and he fists directly on my face, and his nose was swollen.Then I became pregnant, the mouse baby, I would like to drink the baby in the future that you were beaten by your mother.

@Hui VS Kai: On the sixth floor of my house, I suddenly entered the bat. I couldn’t catch it. I was lying down on the side of the ceiling. My mother -in -law said that this was blessed.Sure enough, I was pregnant before I was pregnant ~ Now my daughter is almost two years old, and I suddenly entered the bat. I couldn’t catch it. I was lying down on the side of the ceiling. My mother -in -law said that this was blessed.Sure enough, she was pregnant before she was pregnant ~ Now her daughter is almost two years old.

@User 9316171712284: Dreaming of a small white snake, there are colorful diamond tablets behind your head, a particularly beautiful snake.Climbing my left leg, climbing to my lower abdomen, watching me.I was so scared that I cried, let it go without leaving, scared me, and there was tears in my eyelids.As a result, my daughter was here as soon as I was pregnant.

@786: I dreamed of a snake in the living room of my home.

It is very interesting to read the comment. The most effective thing for sensing is the best of the fetal dream, but the mother of Han thinks that this should still be "thoughtful in the sun, there is a dream at night", which has something to do with Bao Ma’s psychology.

So, how do you find that you are pregnant?Have you made a "magical dream"?You can leave a message to tell us!

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