How did you find that you are pregnant?Netizen: Girlfriends dream of getting pregnant, but she did not conceive me

Do you remember how he found that he was pregnant?As for me, the regular holidays were delayed, so I didn’t care about the general holiday, and I didn’t care.But after 10 days of postponing, I felt vaguely not right, and my breasts were a bit swollen. My husband said that he would not be pregnant, right?I bought a pack of test strips and really won the prize.My situation is a common phenomenon, but I find that there are still many mothers who know that I am pregnant in a strange situation.

Discovered by husband

My husband was reminded of me. My sister and I felt uncomfortable and vomited after watching the movie and went home. My husband said that you are pregnant, I say you!I have not been pregnant for more than a year, and my aunt has always been inaccurate, so my aunt did not come for a month, and I did n’t take it seriously. Then my husband went home to buy a pregnancy test stick. I did n’t test it. After a few days, I saw it.Just want to test it!I didn’t expect to be pregnant. I was afraid that the pregnancy test will expire or not, and I went to the hospital for examination. I was really pregnant.

Colleague said

I haven’t been a menstrual period, I am drowned at work. In those days, my colleagues always asked me if I was pregnant. I said no, and then she always said that I would not try it, and then I bought the test paper by myself.Really pregnant.Everyone said that I should be pregnant with a girl, and she said that I was pregnant with a boy, but it was born to be a boy, and God’s mouth!

Girlfriend’s dream

My girlfriend called me to dream that I was pregnant. I was taking wedding photos at the time. My aunt was postponed for three days. Usually, I came to menstruation regularly.I said this by my girlfriend, I also doubted that I was pregnant, and then went to the hospital for examination the next day after the filming. I didn’t expect to be pregnant.


I work in a snack shop and is responsible for going to honey. In those days, I especially wanted to eat the honeypot. I usually didn’t have such an idea. I knew that I was pregnant.Because of the same time when he was pregnant, he went to the supermarket with her husband, and bought a few packages somehow to see the plums. After returning home to eat it alone, I later learned that I was pregnant. The second child was the same.

I usually do n’t have a lot of meals. Suddenly I have a lot of food for a while, and the amount of meals is very large. I did n’t feel it. My husband said that I can eat so recently.Hungry.My husband didn’t dare to let me eat it. I was afraid of being bad. I suspected that I was pregnant. I asked my husband to go downstairs at night to buy a pregnancy test stick.Buy it back and test, and it is shallow. He told him that he didn’t believe it. After a week, I tested it again.

I was a little nauseous in the past few days, and I couldn’t eat what I liked before. I thought I had a bad stomach. I almost went to buy the stomach medicine. I bought the pregnancy test stick.Test, two bars.

How did you find that you are pregnant?

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