How difficult is pregnancy?Five pictures understand all the changes during pregnancy, netizens: Mom worked hard

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In October pregnant, not only the size of the fetus, but also the changes in the body of the pregnant mother.In addition to the larger belly, hair, glasses, etc. are changing.

What pregnant mothers need to bear are not only pregnancy reactions such as vomiting eczema, but also accepting their physical changes.

All changes are necessary for the growth of the baby. How hard you are pregnant, just see these.

During the ten months of pregnancy, you need to experience the bed, development of the embryo, and then to the birth of your baby.

1) Embryo bed

6 weeks of pregnancy

When the sperm and eggs are combined, this action to bed should be performed. During this period, expectant mothers will slowly feel their body abnormalities: dozing off, fake fever, etc.

2) The baby’s life signs appear

After the embryo is bed, the baby develops in the mother’s body. The nervous system and blood circulation begin to develop slowly. At this time, the mother will have a pregnancy reaction.

8 weeks of pregnancy

3) Develop adult shape

Under normal circumstances, around the tenth week, you can see the fetal fingers and toes. At this time, the pregnant mother’s uterus has been slowly opened.Expectant mothers will have frequent urination.

In the later period, in the process of growing up, the mothers will feel that there is something to do with the stomach. At this time, the mother’s internal organs have been crowded together, and the stretch marks are quietly climbed out of the stomach.

The belly is bulging

After reading these changes, netizens shouted directly: Mom worked hard.In fact, all this is just the beginning.

◆ Change 1: There are more hair

After women’s pregnancy, the amount of secretion of estrogen will increase, and the specific performance is that the hair is getting stronger and dense.After pregnancy, the growth of hair will increase by 20%compared to before.

At the same time, estrogen can stimulate androgen, and the increase of male hormones must have long body hair.But don’t be afraid, within 6 months after birth, all this will return to normal, and the excess hair will fall off.

24 weeks of pregnancy

◆ Change 2: The eyes are swollen

Decreased exercise after pregnancy, and the body circulation will be relatively slow. Pregnant women will experience eye edema and congestion.Remember to ensure sleep, otherwise the dark circles will become heavier.

◆ Change 3: The chest becomes larger

Hormones will grow on their own chest. During the whole pregnancy, the weight will increase by about 800g.

Weight obviously increase

◆ Change 4: Spinal deformation

With the growth of the fetus, excessive stretching of the abdominal muscles will lose support to the lumbar spine, the weight of the uterus will be pressed at the same time, the ligaments in the spine will slowly relax, and the waist of expectant mothers will slowly bend.

◆ Change 5: Skin

After pregnancy, the most obvious feeling is that their skin is better and smooth. Not everyone is like this. There are also about 30%of pregnant women with pregnancy spots and the original spots.

38 weeks of pregnancy

◆ Change 6: Abdomen

The abdomen is not simply larger, but the abdominal rectus is separated. This phenomenon will not hurt, but it will leave a "swimming ring".

◆ Change 7: hip

In addition to the accumulation of fat, the gap between the pelvis will gradually increase as the fetus enters the pot. In addition to the wider hips, severe cases will also be accompanied by pain.

Mom’s hips are wider

◆ Change 8:

The changes in hands and feet are mainly reflected in edema, especially the hands. When the uterus starts to compress the main vein, the pregnant mother will slowly appear through the body’s edema.

◆ Change 9: Inner

In addition to obvious on the surface, the respiratory systems, cardiovascular systems, gastrointestinal systems, and endocrine systems of expectant mothers are constantly changing for babies.

After pregnancy, I changed myself

It is no exaggeration to say that after unloading the goods in ten months, you will find that you have never seen you before the mirror.The subtle changes in the facial features and the body will make you feel like you have changed.

The first two days inadvertently and my husband recalled the days of pregnancy. Looking at the photos, I suddenly understood that the suffering of pregnancy will not end with the birth of a baby. After giving birth to a baby, your belly is still very large.Go to restore.

Finally giving birth to a baby, the belly still needs to recover

After giving birth to a baby, you no longer worry about your child’s trouble, but you will particularly worry about your children.Everything will make you unwilling.

At this time, it was found that it was important to have a understanding of a husband and a mother -in -law who knows how to take care of people.

At the end

Love can reach the long time, and a smile is a gift for this years.

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