How difficult is the third trimester?Just look at these "moths", you know, it is not easy to feel bad about pregnant mothers

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The third stage of pregnancy is the last stage of pregnancy. How uncomfortable and torment is in this stage of "belly as big as Luo"?Different pregnant mothers feel different.

Some pregnant mothers say: The belly is as big as Luo, whether standing, sitting or lying down, feels "nowhere to place"!

Some pregnant mothers say: The limbs are extremely swollen, the feet are swollen, and one pit is pressed.I didn’t feel it.

Other pregnant mothers said: It is difficult during the day, and it is even more difficult at night. Sometimes it ’s three or four in the morning, and I ca n’t sleep. I ca n’t sleep.

Indeed, in the final stage of pregnancy, these pregnant mothers are described as normal, even worse than this.

In addition to the above, there may also be pubic pain, back pain, leg cramps, heart -burning nausea, chest tightness, breathlessness, constipation, hemorrhoids, drooling, heavy taste …

Those who have not experienced may find it difficult to imagine, but it is true that it is daily in the third trimester, and various "moths" appear in constant appear ~

Sitting uncomfortable, sitting upright, uncomfortable, half -lying sitting and feeling couldn’t breathe. In short, no matter what kind of posture, it would not work for 15 minutes.

Standing up, the stomach is getting bigger and bigger. No matter where you go, you bring your own 20 pounds of "small scale". When you stand for a while, you feel the pan -warning of the "pseudo -contraction" warning.

Walking like a snail that can’t be moved. At this stage, most of them are the psychology of "can walk without walking". When you have to walk, you must take a step of pubic pain. After a few steps, you start sore waist and back, and your stomachs.Tight, it is even more difficult to go upstairs, dragging the stairs to climb up.

In fact, you can imagine: What does it feel like let you sleep with such a big belly?

Yes, I can’t sleep.

I can only sleep on the left and right, and I will be tired for a while on the left. I change to the right, and I am tired in less than 5 minutes. I want to change it again.

After all, I was "overwhelmed". With sleepy, "咚" was immediately sober by the baby, and then began the observation of "fetal movement performance".

After the operation was as fierce, it was almost bright for almost the day. The whole body had to be numb and sore.

Since pregnancy, he has become a good friend with "toilet".

In the late pregnancy, less than 20 minutes during the day, it is even more frequent at night.

I always feel like peeing …

But when I went to the toilet, I didn’t think so much. I couldn’t squeeze out a few drops.

Just this, no temper ~ completely tossed without temper.

The baby is smart and not smart, and can be seen during pregnancy.

You said: A baby who can already pit the mother in his stomach, can he be stupid?

Walking and walking, the legs and feet were drawn …

Sitting and sitting, I couldn’t move anymore …

Sleep and sleep, the cramps wake up …

The feeling of "cramps", everyone knows, it is very sour ~ pregnant mothers in the third trimester experience this taste across the three forks.

Not every woman can be as beautiful as Gina after pregnancy.

Even if it is a star, I can’t escape the magic palms that have been changed in the third trimester. Zhu Dan, who was in the late pregnancy, was commented by netizens that "could not recognize", and there was no need to ridicule. It was a real state in the late pregnancy.

After pregnancy, the chest will become larger, and the described in many parts of the body will become dark;

The face will become round and changing, and even acne and spots, and some pregnant mothers will get bigger (not exaggerated, I have a colleague’s nose after pregnancy, the nose is really bigger, especially obvious);

The stomach also grows stretch marks and turns into flower melon. Some pregnant mothers not only have long belly, but also on their thighs, chests, arms …

There is also edema, which looks like a clumsy penguin, and it is not completely so fat. There are also water.

I hold a big belly every day, and it will be affected.

Washing your face in the morning, you can do it in less than three minutes. In the late pregnancy, you will only feel that you can wash your face so tired!

Bathing at night, I was worried. I ca n’t bend my waist, and I was stunned slightly … Forget it, just rush.

After taking a shower, I watched the toenails that would become a "demon", thinking about cutting, but I couldn’t help it.

In the third trimester, I often feel hungry. After all, it is normal for me to eat two people.

But every time I scale up, a reasonable self -reminding himself: It’s super, you have to control it.

But seeing the delicious one, Harazi couldn’t do it. A indulgent herself quietly said in her ear: It’s okay, eat less, happiness is the most important, good emotions are the best prenatal education.

As a result, as soon as he indulged, the "controlling weight" was already thrown to 10,000 miles away, and he was so heavy.

In fact, the "uncomfortable" of pregnant mothers in the third trimester is far from the above. It may also have poor appetite, and even nausea and vomiting. The stomach is always swollen.Previous anxiety appears, and every day is complicated like a precise instrument.

But this is the daily life of mothers in the third trimester. Every day, she is painful, struggling, struggling, and suffering, but she is also happy. After all, after all, it is nearly a day away from "meeting with the baby".

For the pregnant mother, try to face as optimistic and happy as much as possible, cherish the days of combining with the baby, and the prospective father and family should take care of and take care of the pregnant mother to ensure the smooth pregnancy and wait for the baby to be born safely.

What kind of state is you in the late pregnancy, how uncomfortable, and what are you suffering?Welcome to leave a message to vomit and share.

[Note: comics material comes from porridge Xiaoyu]

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