How do expectant mothers choose a archive hospital?What are the process of pregnancy?After watching it, you can take less detours

For expectant mothers who are preparing for pregnancy or pregnancy, the choice of archives hospitals is particularly important. To comprehensively consider many factors, then I will share with you some of Dou’s experience with you.

Selection of archive hospitals

◆ Consider the conditions and levels of the hospital

Selected one: Maternal and Child Health Specialty Hospital


1. Since it is a specialist hospital, it is within the scope of maternity reimbursement. There is no need to change personal designated hospitals in advance, you can go at any time.

2. The hospital in the hospital is the same as you. The doctor encountered a lot of situations, and it was not so fussy. Some common problems also know how to deal with it.

3. The equipment of various inspections is complete, and you don’t have to run back and forth. Basically, you can get it in the first floor.


1. There will be more pregnant mothers in specialist hospitals, and all inspections need to be queued, and so is registered!

Select 2: Three Hospital


1. The medical equipment of the three hospitals is good, and the doctor is also well -known;


1. The same, people must not be less!

2. Various inspections may need to run back and forth upstairs and downstairs. After all, large hospitals, each department is divided into details;

3. It is easy to cause cross -infection. After all, there will be a lot of other patients in the three hospitals, and there will be fever, colds, and infectious diseases, so when going to the hospital, you should pay special attention to hygiene.

Choose 3: Private Hospital


1. All medical equipment must be the most advanced, and the attitude of medical staff is definitely good.

2. There are relatively few pregnant mothers, or the hospital has a good arrangement, which will not make you feel that the environmental inspection environment is very poor.


1. The price is really not cheap, and it cannot be included in the scope of the reimbursement of maternity insurance

2. There may not be as many cases seen by medical staff. When you encounter some difficult problems, you may need to go to a large hospital to make a judgment.

Dou Ma suggested: At that time, I chose a specialized hospital for maternal and child health care. After the whole pregnancy, except that there were more people, each of them needed to line up, and everything else was good.I recommend the maternal and child health specialty hospitals in various districts and counties in Beijing.

◆ Consider the geographical location of the hospital

Choose one: Close to home.It is convenient for future production inspections and admission to the hospital in time;

Selected two: convenient transportation.If some places are congested all year round, it is also recommended that pregnant mothers consider it carefully. It really suddenly responds. If you want to go to the hospital, you have to block the car first.

Choose three: closer to the unit.Some pregnant mothers intend to insist on working in their jobs, which is of course a very good thing.Therefore, you can also choose the inspection hospital near the unit. It is more convenient to go to the hospital once there is an emergency.

◆ Consider other factors

If there are acquaintances in a hospital and it is exactly the obstetrics and gynecology department, it is naturally better.It can save a lot of time and save a lot of trouble.

Hospital archive process

◆ Examination and inspection

First of all, the hospital must first confirm whether you have a pregnancy reaction. You can judge through routine urine, blood routine, B -ultrasound and other inspections.

◆ Apply for "Beijing Mother and Child Health Archives"

The establishment of files in major hospitals in Beijing must have the "Beijing Mother and Child Health Files". The legendary "Beijing Maternity Service Certificate" (commonly known as the "Period Certificate") is not necessary to provide it.The expectant mothers who are already pregnant, do n’t worry if you do n’t apply for a “Permit”, go to the “Beijing Mother and Child Health Archives” first.

Venue: Community health service station where the woman’s household registration is located

Application time: Monday to Friday working days, find out immediately after pregnancy, the sooner the better


1. Original ID card of both husband and wife;

2. The original household registration book;

3. Hospital case test form (urine routine, blood routine, electrocardiogram, B ultrasound)

Dou Ma added: In fact, you do n’t need to prepare in advance. Even if you go to a community hospital, you can temporarily do these inspections. If you do it in advance, you can take it.

4. If both husband and wife are foreign hukou, they also need to provide "Temporary Residence Permit"

5. The deposit is 100 yuan.After the baby is born, you can bring the "Beijing Mother and Child Health Archives" to the community hospital to return.

◆ Hospital archives

When it comes to the establishment of the hospital, it really gave Dou Ma a good start!When I was Huai Jindou, I just caught up with the last wave of Ma Bao. There were more people in the hospital!The hospital stipulates that the archives are built before 12 weeks of pregnancy, but when they are actually asked, they said that they have been built for a long time. At the current speed, the file will be built at 6 weeks of pregnancy!At that time, there was no way. The hospitals near the home asked all over again, saying that there was no way.Later, Jin Dou’s uncle helped the trustee to build a file in the hospital.After all the inspections were done, it was considered to be built in the last wave.

Here I would like to remind the expectant mothers who are ready to build files. If you want to go to which hospital, you must go in line in advance and ask the time you need to build files. Although it is not as nervous as I am now, after the second child is open,There are also many babies every year, so as not to get the hospital that I do not go to my favorite in the end.

Kind tips:

1. It is not that wherever the file is built, it must be produced. If expectant mothers think of returning to their hometown during the third trimester and producing in their hometown, they can also build files in Beijing for prenatal inspection.But at the same time, we must first contact my hometown hospital in advance. At that time, there can be a place to receive it.The cost of production can also be included in maternity insurance for manual reimbursement (see the previous article "The Equipment of Maternity Reimbursement -Inpatient delivery")

2. If the expectant mothers have some emergencies or uncomfortable during pregnancy, they may not be going to the hospital immediately. You can choose a specialized hospital or 19 A -type hospitals for emergency treatment nearby. You can also use social security cards.

3. When building files in the hospital, you must ask a few more people, don’t just listen to one person.Some doctors say that there are no places, but some doctors say they can build, so ask as much as possible and take less detours.

4. I hope that the prospective dads can be accompanied by the whole process during the construction process. After all, the pregnant mothers were just pregnant at that time, the fetal position was relatively unstable, and they had to run back and forth to check and submit materials.Be with you!

In any case, the biggest wish is to have a healthy baby, which is the most important!

If you want to know more about pregnancy and parenting information, please follow me quickly!

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