How do I know that I am pregnant?

A friend called me and asked my lover’s phone.I told her that she called my lover.The question asking is that I feel that I am pregnant, but I dare not be sure, what to do.My lover is a gynecological doctor, and similar situations occur several times a week.Every time someone asks, she is very excited how to judge whether a person is pregnant or not, tell the people on the phone.

The seemingly simple question is actually not everyone knows.I am a kidney disease. After a person gets kidney disease, I should be careful about pregnancy.At a clinic, I saw a patient from Shandong, which was a systemic lupus erythematosus.I wrote such a blog a while ago, saying that patients with systemic lupus erythematosus cannot be pregnant easily.But this patient is pregnant, and he doesn’t know after pregnancy.It is because her creatinine has been rising, and there is no way to control any medicine.I asked her to check the urine HCG, but the result was positive.That is, because of pregnancy, her kidney function has deteriorated sharply.It is also because I don’t know that I am pregnant, so I can’t control the rise of blood creatinine.

There is a question here, how can you judge whether you are pregnant or not.The person I was talking about, she didn’t know that she was pregnant.Because of her primary disease, she needs to use hormones, cytotoxin drugs, and many other drugs. The side effects of the drugs stop her menstruation.Most people’s menstruation is normal. If menstruation is not coming for a month, he must doubt whether he is pregnant, but the above patient has no such obvious forestein, so he did not find it.

Of course, what we want to say today is not kidney disease, what we want to say is how to judge the topic of pregnancy.There are several logo, you can pay attention.

1. Menstruation suddenly stopped.If you are a child of childbearing age, you have to go to the hospital to see if you are pregnant;

2. Early pregnancy reaction.Some people have a strong reaction early, such as nausea and vomiting in the early stages of pregnancy.If so, you need to check it;

3. Other reactions.Nursery women, suddenly there, such as frequent urination, breast changes, etc., should also pay attention.Because the genital congestion and compress the bladder after pregnancy can cause increased urination times.At the end of the first month of pregnancy, breasts have swelling and mild pain.

If you have the above situation at the age of childbearing, you need to pay attention to check whether you are pregnant.Let me tell me how to identify whether I am pregnant.

1. Urine HCG examination.This is a qualitative test, which means that the result for you is negative or positive, and you cannot give you specific values.If it is negative, it means that if there is no pregnancy, if it is positive, it is possible to get pregnant;

2. Blood HCG examination.If the urine examination is positive or weak, it is necessary to do a blood HCG examination. If the blood HCG rises, it means that pregnancy may be greater;

3. Ultrasonic examination.If you are not assured, do an ultrasound.There are many benefits to doing ultrasound, such as helping to judge whether it is ectopic pregnancy.If time permits, you can also conclude that the baby’s baby’s development is good or bad.If the blood HCG test is normal, it is generally not recommended to do an ultrasound inspection in the early days.Ultrasonic examinations are necessary to do projects after three months of pregnancy, and it is not too late to check at that time.

Of course, the above is just the steps. There are many details in the specific operation, and I will come slowly.

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