How do women judge whether they are pregnant?Don’t miss these feelings after pregnancy

For a woman preparing for pregnancy, there is a set of ways to test whether to get pregnant, but for some women who do not intend to have children but accidentally getting pregnant, generally do not have a regular pregnancy test, so it is likely that you do not know yourself.If you are pregnant, and if you lose your pregnancy, you may pose a threat to the development of the fetus, so if you do n’t have the habit of test pregnancy, then you need to learn about some symptoms after pregnancy in advance.

For some couples, when preparing for pregnancy, I hope to be able to conceive their babies quickly. For those who are anxious to get pregnant, what are the fastest pregnancy tests?In fact, the fastest application method is to go to the hospital for a blood HCG examination after 7-10 days after the ovulation day.

If you feel that going to the hospital is too troublesome, you can wait until the ovulation is about 10-15 days to use the pregnancy test stick for testing. If two red bars are displayed on the pregnancy test stick, or it is deep and shallow, it is basically pregnant.This is for women with a pregnancy plan. Some women do not have a pregnancy plan, and may generally do not test pregnancy. At this time, some pregnancy signals can be understood.How do women judge whether they are pregnant?Don’t miss these feelings after pregnancy


Many accidental pregnancy women are delayed through menstruation and learned that they are pregnant.Because after a woman is pregnant, the endometrium will no longer fall, and then they will enter a state of menopause. If you find that your menstruation is delayed for about 7-10 days, the possibility of pregnancy is very high, but it does not rule out that your menstruation is unstable, or it is or it isDisease cause.So when you find that your menstruation is delayed, you can use the pregnancy test stick for testing, or go to the hospital for early pregnancy examination!

Breast changes

After a woman succeeds in pregnancy, her breasts will become larger, and they will also be accompanied by breast pain. This is the preparation of the breast after the woman is pregnant.And you will also find that your breasts become softer, and the color of the nipples and areolas will deepen. This is the symptoms of pregnancy caused by hormone changes in the body after a woman’s pregnancy.

Early pregnancy reactions such as fatigue and nausea

After a woman’s pregnancy, about two months or so, early pregnancy reactions such as nausea, vomiting, and fatigue will occur. These early pregnancy reactions will appear, and most women will appear.It’s lighter, and some people have a heavy response!

If you want to test pregnancy, one can be self -examination at home, that is, using a pregnancy test stick or a pregnancy test paper test. It is best to use morning urine for testing. The result will be more accurate.The pregnancy test stick is shown and shallow. After a few days, you can test it again.

The other is to go to the hospital for examination. For example, if you perform a blood HCG examination, you can also perform urine HCG testing. You can also use B -ultrasound to check.

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