How do you find that you are pregnant?Netizens’ Wonderful Experience Sharing

The prospective mothers who are already "stock" in the belly

Have you ever been stunned by the sudden "two bars"?

Recall that I found out that I was pregnant

Surprise and accident at that moment

There are really too many stories …

How do you find that you are pregnant?

@来 一: It is amazing to say. I know that I am pregnant, but my grandfather told me.That weekend, I went out with my husband to eat a Chinese meal, and was planning to watch a movie again. He received a call from my grandfather. He said on the phone that I was pregnant and maybe a boy.I didn’t believe it at first, and my aunt was indeed postponed.I bought a early pregnancy stick to test it in the afternoon. I didn’t expect it to be really two bars, and my husband and I were stunned.

@得 我: I learned that my pregnancy is not the same as others. I became a mother when I was confused.During that time, my head was always dizzy, I wanted to sleep, and I always dreamed of a snake, and then walked into a snake nest myself, scaring me with cold sweat and waking up.My mother told me that a woman would have some strange dreams after pregnancy.I used the test strip of early pregnancy, and I really became the "captain of the middle."

@知道 我: I know that I am pregnant, and thanks to my brother’s child.When I went home for the New Year, my little niece came to play. I peeled an orange to eat her, and I ate one, and I rumored in the stomach instantly. I thought I was cold and planned to lie on the bed.Unexpectedly, the little niece said: Are you a little baby?I didn’t care too much at the time. The next morning, I used the early pregnancy test strip to test, and it really won.

Indeed, the surprise joy is very excited

but!After being the "Captain of the Central Captain"

Check the fetal treasure through the B ultrasound whether the fetal treasure "returns home safely"

When is the first B -ultrasound after pregnancy?

Generally speaking, 5 weeks after the last menstruation, you can see the pregnancy sac under the B-ultrasound. You can see the yolk sac to help confirm whether it is an abnormal pregnancy.Whether the embryo survives.

The Far East Medicine experts suggested that the first B-ultrasound after pregnancy is about 6-7 weeks of pregnancy, because at this time, you can see whether it is an intrauterine pregnancy and determine whether the embryo survives.Excessive anxiety caused by fetal buds and fetal hearts.

The B -ultrasound is different during the entire pregnancy, and the role of the inspection is different:

Early pregnancy: B -ultrasound can help confirm whether it is abnormal pregnancy, embryo development, number of embryos, assessment of fetal age, etc.;

In the second trimester: There is an important B-ultrasound, which is the 4D color ultrasound malformation screening of 22-24 weeks of pregnancy;

In the middle and late pregnancy: 28-32 weeks of pregnancy, and help to confirm the location and maturity of the placenta, biology measures the condition of the placenta, amniotic fluid, and umbilical cords, and evaluate the health status of the fetus in the fetus.

Xiao Li hopes that pregnant mothers can pay attention to early pregnancy management, B -ultrasound examination, and timely grasp embryonic development in the early pregnancy.After determining the fetal treasure in the palace, he went to the hospital’s obstetrics in time.

In short, as long as you have every birth check -up during pregnancy, a healthy and lovely baby will definitely produce a healthy and lovely baby.

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