How does Chinese medicine metabolize and cure diseases?How long does it take to drink?Chinese medicine tells you

Traditional Chinese medicine has been in my country for thousands of years. After changes in dynasties and social changes without losing heritage and development, it has become an inseparable part of history and civilization.In general, it focuses on the five elements of yin and yang, and the human body is regarded as qi, blood, shape, and divine phase. Through the four diagnosis methods of the interrogation, the cause, disease discern, disease detection, and the pathogenesis of the pathogenesis are found.With the blessing of massage, cupping, dietary therapy, etc., reconcile the human body to rehabilitation.

However, the vast majority of people treat traditional Chinese medicine. The first impression is to drink Chinese medicine.Several or ten doses are mixed with medicinal materials of various animals and plants and minerals. After cooking, yellow and black bitter medicine soup is cooked. The condition is slowly relieved.The sore disappears, the second is normal, the complexion turns, the spiritual recovery, etc., which means that the medication is symptomatic, the conditioning is effective, and a large number of good medicines and famous prescriptions are slowly accumulated.

With the advancement of modern science and technology, people’s research on Chinese medicine is no longer satisfied with the "general aiming" level that can cure the disease.The ratio of the best efficacy, minimize the damage to the body, because the ancient training "is a three -point poison of medicine" deeply rooted in people’s hearts.

Drinking a dose of Chinese medicine, it is usually like this on the human body’s metabolic route:

1. When the nasal cavity smells the fragrance of medicine, the taste buds of the mouth first feel the bitterness of Chinese medicine.

2. As the esophagus enters the stomach, encounter gastric acid, decompose into various small molecules, or generate new active ingredients.

3. Small molecules and new substances flow to small intestines, collect a large amount of velvet, and pass through capillaries and portal veins to the liver.

4. A large number of enzymes of the liver react with small molecules, generate new ingredients and metabolites. New ingredients continue to take blood vessels in the human body and reach various important organs and lesions.

5. Continuous decomposition and metabolism produces a large number of metabolites. Some of them are discharged through skin into sweat, and most of them are excreted from the body through kidney, bladder, and colorectal.

6. The hypertrophic ingredients may not be durable in time, and the liver and kidney metabolism may not be in time. It may stay in the body and cause a burden on important organs such as liver and kidney.Or misdiagnosis of toxic drugs directly causes organs such as liver and kidney tissue damage.

Drink a bowl of Chinese medicine, which can be visible for about half an hour to 1 hour, and gradually discharge within 4-8 hours.The effective ingredients can maintain the blood concentration in the blood and become the main force of treating diseases and conditioning. Sometimes emergencies are used for aggressive medicines. It can be visible in ten minutes. It is discharged in a short period of time. It is more common in diarrhea.

This is the preliminary practice of generally explaining traditional Chinese medicine with modern pharmacological knowledge, not in the "Chinese medicine language".

Traditional Chinese medicine usually uses "four qi" and "five flavors" to analyze and deeply analyze, such as the warmth of spring, causing liver qi; summer heat, strong heart fire; cool in autumn, convergence of lung qi; cold in winter, hiding kidney essence in the winter, hiding kidney essence, good kidney essenceEssenceCold heat, warm and cooling corresponds to the "four qi", "Five flavors" are found in acidic into the liver, bitterness into the heart, sweetness into the spleen, Xinxin into the lungs, salty into the kidneys, etc. The overall purpose is "balance yin and yang, reconcile the internal organs."

The metabolism of Chinese medicine in the human body is restricted by many factors such as age, physique, gender, pressure, diet, genes, and whether to decoct and take medicine correctly, which directly affects the effect of drugs.The kidney cells are not complete, and the metabolism in the elderly is relatively poor, mainly due to aging and impact absorption.Therefore, the elderly and children should pay special attention to using Chinese medicine.As for special groups such as pregnant women, lactating women, and chronic diseases, they must follow the doctor’s advice.

However, the metabolism of Chinese medicine in the human body is still a "confused account". It is extremely difficult to analyze the tracking with existing means.The analysis of the single medicine of traditional Chinese medicine is still acceptable, but the difficulty of more than 3 flavors increases sharply.

At least hundreds of chemical components of each single medicine, at least a thousand species of small compound prescriptions. When the small molecules are generated, there are at least hundreds of new generics and metabolites., How much adverse reactions and new adverse reactions are, it is difficult to achieve the current means, either require a lot of manpower, material and financial resources.

The treatment of traditional Chinese medicine is different. It is judged according to different conditions, and the sequential steps are gradual.When the syndrome differentiation is accurate, one dose can be effective after taking the medicine, such as a cold; the general disease does not exceed 3 medicines, such as removing dampness; slow diseases are generally effective in half a month to 1 month, such as nourishing liver and liver and liver and liver and liver.Nourishing the kidneys and kidney; some need to take medicine for a long time, such as anti -cancer and cancer.

However, Chinese medicine is not recommended to drink for a long time. Adaptation in the process of taking the medicine, take 5 days, rest for 2 days, eat for 6 days, break 1 day, etc., give some rest time for the spleen and stomach.

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