How hard is pregnancy?Just look at this article!

It is said that women are very hard to get pregnant, so how hard is it? Let’s take a look together!

1. Pregnant women are afraid of heat

Most of the pregnant women are cold and afraid of heat, because they are using their own blood to raise fetuses, blood deficiency and yang, and the fetal fire (commonly known as "tire fever").

2. Pregnant women are easy to urinate frequently

In the early stages of pregnancy, half of pregnant women have frequent urination. In the later period, nearly 80%of pregnant women are troubled by frequent urination.This is caused by pelvic and bladder, which is oppressed by the growth of the fetus.

3. Pregnant women are really hard to sleep

Hand numbness, painful pain, painful children, I ca n’t sleep well every day, I want to sleep every day, I ’m scolding too long for a long time, I ca n’t sleep in the middle of the night, I ca n’t sleep in the middle of the night.It’s not right, otherwise anyone doesn’t want to sleep.

4. Endemic life

Pregnancy is a kind of early pregnancy reaction, and most pregnant women will experience pregnancy.After starting pregnancy, pregnancy will occur from about 5th week of pregnancy (also earlier).Especially in the morning and later nausea, vomiting occurs without any signs.I was eating steadily, but I was disgusting when I smelled it.The appetite completely disappeared and the weight decreased.

5. The pain is so hard

As soon as this pain was made, sitting is not standing or not. It is possible to shed tears. If you do n’t feel incredible, you do n’t think it ’s incredible.

6. Pregnant women are easy to be hungry

Eat alone during pregnancy and two people digest.The mother consumes the food by directly intake, and the fetus ingests from the mother through the placenta, and as the fetus grows, it is necessary to obtain more energy and nutrition to provide children to develop, so pregnant women are easy to be hungry.

7. Easy to stool and hemorrhoids

Due to the decrease in activity, gastrointestinal peristalsis will slow. In addition, due to the increase in intra -end pressure during pregnancy, the rectal end mucosa and subcutaneous varicose veins of the rectum end can easily lead to hemorrhoids.

8. The most hated is the attitude of her husband

The first child is accompanied and everything is good.

I was too lazy to accompany the maternity inspection, and occasionally I had no time to be considerate, but obviously I had time and did not accompany it, otherwise the accompanying heart was unwilling and unwilling, and the old love was shattered next to it.Time, watch your child wasting time.

Is pregnancy just a prospective mother?NO!Of course, the prospective dad can’t be idle!It is the most important thing to accompany, more considerate, and praise, and take good care of your wife and babies in the belly, isn’t it?

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