How important is the emotional stability during pregnancy during pregnancy?

Although the pregnant woman and the fetus do not form a direct nerve transmission, the changes in the mood of pregnant women will secrete a variety of chemicals through endocrine glands, which will change the chemical components in the blood, which will affect the healthy growth of the fetus.

For example, when pregnant women have a happy mood or a calm mood, the body will secrete beneficial substances such as dopamine, acetylcholine, enzymes.When pregnant women are restless and uneasy, in the emotions such as depression, anxiety, depression, panic or anger, the endocrine glands in the mother’s body are easily disordered and disordered, stimulating the pregnant woman itself and the baby’s baby, affecting healthy development.

Many people now know that there are "postpartum depression", and it is clear that this is caused by postpartum hormone cliff -like declines, but many people do not know that pregnant women may also have depression during pregnancy.

Depression during pregnancy is mainly manifested in concentration, anxiety, irritability, poor sleep, prone to fatigue, overeating or anorexia, boring, unable to fight the spirit, always want to cry, always moody.

Especially for prospective dad, it is best to ensure that you have enough time to be with pregnant women every day and maintain a pleasant communication.Don’t think that pregnancy is a matter of a pregnant woman. If the husband is not at home for a long time, even some husbands cannot even be around when their wives have children. This is a emotional impact on many pregnant women.Under the dual action of stress, problems are prone to occur.

2. Maintain the exercise of proper and safe exercise

Exercise can allow the body to secrete dopamine and make the mood happy. In the state of pregnancy, some safe exercise should also be performed appropriately.For example, walking, or undergoing pregnancy yoga under professional guidance.

3. Express emotions

Pregnant women feel that they are not in a good mood, or have their own fear and concerns, so don’t hold it in your heart, you should find people who make them feel peace of mind, like friends or husbands, and seek understanding and help.

4. Cultivate your hobbies during pregnancy

Like reading, listening to music, doing handmade, etc., are good hobbies that can be carried out during pregnancy. They can effectively transfer the attention of pregnant women, make life full of fun, and make the pregnant woman feel happy.

5. Seek a professional doctor

If the pregnant woman’s emotional state is not good, after the active adjustment, I do not see the improvement, then I still have to seek the help of a professional doctor.

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