How is the law stipulated for pregnancy and divorce

During the pregnancy, women found that her husband was derailed. Thinking of her husband when he was working hard to mess with flowers, he felt that the husband’s approach was very bad.Want to propose a divorce.So, how is the law stipulated for pregnancy divorce?

Can they divorce during pregnancy? Women can, the man can’t.

The "Marriage Law" in my country stipulates: "The woman may not propose a divorce during pregnancy or within one year of childbirth. The woman’s divorce, or the people’s court believes that it is necessary to accept the man’s divorce request. The principle of legitimate rights and interests of children, special protection for women during pregnancy and one year after childbirth, is a restriction on the man’s divorce.

Therefore, pregnant women can divorce.However, if the divorce was proposed by the man, then unless the court really believes that it is necessary to accept the man’s divorce request, the divorce of pregnant women will not be accepted.

How to determine the specific amount of the child’s support fee?

According to the judicial interpretation, after the divorce between the husband and wife agreement, the child’s support fee can be paid at the following standards:

1. If there is a fixed income, the treatment fee can generally be paid at a percentage of 20 % to 30 % of its total monthly income.The proportion of more than two children can increase the proportion, but generally it must not exceed 50 % of the total monthly income.

2. If there is no fixed income, the amount of the childcare fee can be determined based on the total income or the average income of the same industry in that year, and it is determined by the above proportion.

3. If there are special circumstances, it can be appropriately increased or reduced.

What do I need to check for divorce property survey?

(1) The survey of divorce property is to investigate the income of the other party;

(2) The survey of divorce property is to investigate the property of the other party;

(3) The investigation of divorce property is to investigate the situation of the other party’s vehicle;

(4) The survey of divorce property is to investigate the other party’s other property.

Can the divorce agreement regret

In real life, in order to achieve the purpose of divorce, one party generally makes appropriate concessions in property division, child support, and debt bearing.For the premise, if the two parties did not eventually go to the marriage registration authority to apply for divorce registration, or when the divorce of the court regrets the unwillingness to be fulfilled in accordance with the original agreement, the conditions for lifting the marriage relationship attached to the original divorce agreement cannot be achieved.Legal binding power cannot be used as the basis for the people’s court to handle divorce cases.

The Marriage Law and related judicial interpretations: The people’s court should accept the property division of property division within one year after the divorce of both men and women agree to change or revoke the property segmentation agreement within one year.After the people’s court hearing, no fraud and coercion shall be discovered when the property segmentation agreement is established shall be rejected in accordance with the law.

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