How is the positive nucleic acid appear in many places in Zhejiang?Can I still eat imported fruits?Official response

Source: Qianjiang Evening News

On the evening of January 5, the Zhejiang Provincial Government News Office held a press conference on the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia.

Sun Liming, deputy director of the Zhejiang Provincial Health and Health Commission, notified the latest situation of the recent new crown pneumonia in Zhejiang Province:

At 0-24 on January 4, Zhejiang reported 2 new local diagnosis cases, all in Beilun District, Ningbo.

At 0-19 on January 5th, there were 3 new local diagnosis cases, all in Beilun District, Ningbo.

There were 29 local confirmed cases, all in Beilun District, Ningbo City.There are no symptoms of infection with no report.

At present, confirm that all cases are conducting isolation treatment in designated hospitals, and the disease is stable; all of the places of immune -related places have strictly regulated classified management control and environmental elimination.

There are currently 2 medium -risk areas in the province (three factories and dormitory areas of the coastal villages of Xinzhang Street, Beilun District, and Shenzhou Company), and there are no high -risk areas.

In the past few days, under the leadership of the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government and the Leading Group of the Provincial Epidemic Prevention and Control Leading Group, Zhejiang has fully activated the emergency command system, work system and security system of the "one -to -nine groups", and quickly promote emergency response in key areas, temporaryClosed management, "three districts" definition, flow traceability, nucleic acid detection, transfer isolation, case treatment, social face control, etc.With the understanding, support and cooperation of the people from all walks of life, especially the people in the region, various prevention and control measures are implemented steadily and orderly.According to the latest nucleic acid screening results in Beilun District, the district has basically completed the community "clearance", and the risk of spreading the spread of the epidemic dissemination is generally controllable, but it still needs to be highly vigilant to strengthen the notification of the personnel of the personnel of the epidemic discovery and the overflowing risks before the control and control.Investigate and strictly prevent the outflow of the epidemic.

At present, the situation of the epidemic prevention and control is still severe and complicated, especially as the Spring Festival approaches, the liquidity and agglomeration of personnel have continued to increase, and the task of "external prevention input and internal prevention and rebound" is very difficult.In the next step, we must adhere to the strict and obedient implementation of various prevention and control measures, and continue to strengthen the mechanism of "source inspection and control+fast sound activation+hard core isolation+precision intelligence control" mechanism, adhere to problem orientationExpand the results of epidemic prevention and control.

Ensure that "sealing, sieve, interval, and trace" high -efficiency closed loop

Adhere to flat management, sinking command, optimize the system, strengthen collaboration, and ensure the efficient operation of the "five fast" mechanisms such as fast detection, fast -flowing, fast -moving, fast transfer, and fast isolation.Coordinate the forces of key -related enterprises and port areas, build the "three districts" anti -epidemic prevention barrier, and keep the epidemic prevention and concentration and overflow of the bottom line.During the epidemic, Zhejiang established an independent unit management and control operation system for each container terminal of Ningbo Port to ensure that container trucks in and out of various port areas are unblocked under the effective separation of Beilun’s related management and control areas to coordinate the prevention and control of the epidemic.The chain operates normally.

With strong grass -roots front -line prevention and control force

Relying on the grass -roots social governance system, give full play to the role of grass -roots party members, community cadres, grid members, long corridors, volunteers, etc., and adopt grid management methods for key areas of key areas, strengthen carpet inspections, and achieve inspection for inspection.Delivery and discharge should be separated to ensure that there is no leakage, deserture, or disassembly.Strictly do a good job of closed -type and standardized management of centralized isolation points and designated hospitals to avoid cross -infections.

Implement social face control measures in detail

Strengthen the "health code" and the itinerary card to verify, keep the village community "small door", and control the key places and key parts of stations, shopping malls, subways, and scenic spots.Give full play to the role of "whistle" such as medical institutions, popular rib clinics (clinics), pharmacies, etc., and strengthen epidemic monitoring and early warning and active discovery.Strengthen standardized management of meetings, activities, and gatherings to guide personnel to flow in an orderly manner.Strict restrictions to the high -risk areas and the county (city, district) are not necessary.Strengthen the management of rental houses and migrants in Chengzhong Village, and inquire the history of living in 14 days. Once they are found to be personnel from high -risk areas and people who come to Zhejiang in Zhejiang, they must implement the corresponding measures as soon as possible to control the hidden risk hazards for the first time.

Further strengthening entry objective defense work

Persist in people, things, and environmental defense, and strictly adhere to the ports such as airports, seaports and other ports.Recently, an imported fruit detection positive incident occurred in some parts of Zhejiang.All localities should strictly implement the relevant prevention and control measures of imported items and their employees, and strengthen the management and preventive disinfection of all -chain management and prevention of imported items, production and processing, sales and operations, and wearing goggles when the first -line employees of high -risk positions need to wear goggles when necessaryThe noodle screen will be implemented as required to test nucleic acid testing measures, and strictly prevent the epidemic from being introduced from overseas to Zhejiang through logistics channels.

Continue to strengthen health education guidance

The prevention and control of the epidemic is a people’s war. Only when everyone is responsible can we build a line of defense and win.We must always adhere to the "three feelings" linkage of epidemic, public opinion, and social conditions, actively do a good job of publicity and control policies and health reminders, guide the masses to consciously abide by and actively cooperate with the regulations for epidemic prevention.Gather your hands, gather less, arrange travel reasonably, and take the initiative to vaccinate the enhanced needle.It is necessary to stimulate the positive energy of social epidemic prevention, combine hard isolation and warming services, and take the initiative to solve the basic life and medical service needs of centralized isolation, home health observation, etc., and jointly build a group defense line control line.

In the question of the reporter’s question, a reporter asked: Recently, there have been fruits such as dragon fruit detection of nucleic acid positive in many places in our province. How can ordinary people do prevent and control?

Recently, from the imported dragon fruit and other fruits in some areas of the province, the nucleic acid positive of the new coronary virus was detected, but the positive of the virus nucleic acid does not mean that it must be contagious.

There are several possibilities of nucleic acid positive: the first, indeed there is a living virus, and the second type may be the nucleic acid fragment of the virus.In these two cases, the positive virus nucleic acid can be detected during nucleic acid testing.Although there are nucleic acid viruses on the surface of the object, the new coronary virus must enter the human respiratory tract to cause human infection.The conditions for people to be infected by things are harsh.

First of all, a certain part of the human body, such as the related items contaminated by the live virus, touched the nose and entered the respiratory tract to cause infection.In the middle, any link is to block the work, such as disinfection, cleaning and disinfection on the surface of the items, and standardize the wearing masks and related items before dealingWashing or disinfection will not be infected.

In addition, the virus is not strong in the conventional external environment.Conventional alcohol -containing disinfectant, chlorine -containing disinfection agent, etc. can make it live.In daily life, there is no need to dare to eat imported fruits because imported fruits have been detected.

We can choose the method of cleaning according to the characteristics of the fruit.For example, soak in water for 10 ~ 20 minutes, you can also choose a qualified fruit cleaner on the market for cleaning, then rinse with water. During the washing process, personal protection needs to be done.

In the final analysis, as long as the fruits are cleaned in conventional, pay attention to personal hygiene.

In addition, remind everyone that in the daily work process, personnel who load and unload, carry, sell, or clean up related imported items need to do a good job of personal protection and regularly carry out relevant nucleic acid testing.

Each batch must be measured!

Zhejiang strengthens imported fruit control:

Encourage consumers to scan code registration

On January 5, the Zhejiang Province Epidemic Prevention and Control Cold Chain Food Defense Class issued an announcement on strengthening the control of imported fruit.

The announcement requires that the first stop (the first stop in Zhejiang) should check the inspection and quarantine certificate of each batch of imported fruits, conduct nucleic acid testing, carry out preventive and comprehensive disinfection, and the "three certificates" (test quarantine certificate, nucleic acid testingProof, disinfection proof) information and purchase quantity information accurately entered the "Zhelian Chain" system.Those who hold the "three certificates" of foreign provinces will be available to the Zhejiang Provincial Professional Nucleic acid Testing Station from January 12 to check the code after the nucleic acid testing station.

In addition, the announcement also requires strictly implementing market inspections, protective measures of employees, and environmental management of venues, advocating consumption code registration registration, and further strengthening the supervision and management of imported fruits.For operators and market organizers who refuse to fulfill the responsibility for the prevention and control of the epidemic in accordance with regulations, Zhejiang will strictly punish them in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

Earlier, Zhejiang Hangzhou, Shaoxing, Jinhua, Luzhou, Taizhou, Lishui and other places imported fruit new crown virus nucleic acids to detect positive. Those who issued a notice in many places to buy these fruits for the relevant time period and place.Test.

The specific announcement is as follows:

Zhejiang Epidemic Prevention and Control Cold Chain Food Protection Class

Announcement on strengthening the control of imported fruits

According to the relevant provisions of the State Council ’s response to the new type of coronary virus pneumonia epidemic and control and control mechanism and the leading group of the new type of coronary virus pneumonia in Zhejiang Province, the announcement of further strengthening the relevant matters of the closed -loop management of imported fruits is as follows:

1. Strictly implement the main responsibility

The operator of the first stop (first station in Zhejiang) should check the inspection and quarantine certificate of each batch of imported fruits, conduct nucleic acid testing, carry out preventive and comprehensive disinfection, and the "three certificates" (test quarantine certificate, nucleic acid test certificate, disinfectionProof) Information and purchase quantity information accurately entered the "Zhejiang Food Chain" system.Those who hold the "three certificates" of foreign provinces must be available to the province’s professional nucleic acid detection station from January 12 to go public after testing nucleic acid testing.The downstream imported fruit operators (including fresh fruit shops, farmers’ market operators, cake houses, etc.) when they purchase goods to imported fruit operators in the province, they must be inspected strictly.Code out of the library to ensure that the goods information is consistent with the code scanning transaction information.

2. Strictly implement market inspection

The organizers of the fruit wholesale market in the province shall strictly fulfill the responsibility of market management, strictly check the "three certificates" information and the "Zhelian food chain" transaction information of the imported fruits of each batch of import transactions.The management of market operators should be strengthened, and non -standard behaviors should be corrected in a timely manner; the training and guidance of operating households should be strengthened, and the operating households should accurately operate the "Zhelian Chain" system; the "Zhelian Chain" system should be vigorously created in the market.

3. Promote consumption code registration registration

Before advocating consumers to buy imported fruits, carefully scan the code to confirm whether the online information is consistent with the actual packaging information, refuse to buy an uncoded product or information, and report to the regulatory authorities in a timely manner.Encourage consumers to scan the code to register personal information when buying products, which is convenient for retrospective management.Those who do not scan the code or have no smartphones shall be registered by the merchant.

4. Strict protection of employees

Units and individuals engaged in imported fruit production and operations strictly implement personnel protection measures.Practitioners engaged in fruit handling should be properly worn in work clothes, masks, gloves, sleeve sleeves, etc. during the operation. If necessary, wear mirrors and face screens, and do nucleic acid testing every 7 days; short -term or temporary practitioners should work at each work every time I workAfter the task is over, do a nucleic acid test.Low -temperature season (December -February) personnel who are engaged in normal temperature preservation imported fruit transportation also need to conduct nucleic acid testing once a week.

5. Strict environmental management

The operator should strictly implement the imported fruit channel (when the same passage is wrong) to purchase, special library (district) storage, special (cabinet) area sales, and clearly identify "imported fruit" at the operating venue.Relevant operating units should formulate an environmental management system, disinfect and register for key parts on a regular basis, strengthen the classification of garbage, and use wastes such as the imported fruit outer packaging and masks of the subcontracting.clear.

6. Strict daily supervision and management

Members of Zhejiang Cold Chain special class will further strengthen the supervision and management of imported fruits in accordance with their duties.For operators and market organizers who refuse to fulfill the responsibility for the prevention and control of the epidemic in accordance with the regulations, they are punished strictly based on relevant laws and regulations.

Source: Qianjiang Evening News Editor Editors Editing and Dispatch Center Comprehensive Zhejiang Release, Qianjiang Evening News • Correspondent Xie Chunhui Sheng Rui Zhang Rui Zhang Ranhuang Huang Weifen, Zhejiang News Client

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