How long can I get pregnant after delivery or abortion?

How long can I get pregnant after delivery or abortion?

Many women during pregnancy for various reasons


But I was anxious to be a mother again

So the "making people" plan early early

However, after abortion, you can’t worry about your baby again

Similarly, anxious to want to "hug two in three years"

It may also bring harm

Today, Xiaowei talks about

Those things that get pregnant again after birth and child


How long will it take to get pregnant again after abortion?

Abortion is divided into natural abortion and artificial abortion.But no matter what kind of abortion, it is recommended to consider pregnancy after half a year of miscarriage.

Because the interval time is sufficient:

It can restore the uterus to complete

Abortion will cause great trauma to the uterus, especially after abortion surgery. The endometrium will cause a certain degree of damage due to the scraping of the instrument.

Enough interval time can restore the function of the uterus in all aspects of the uterus, the endometrium can be well repaired, the endocrine system can adjust the balance, laying a solid foundation for the next pregnancy.

Avoid abortion again

At this time, the expectant mother’s body is relatively weak. If it is not restored, it is easy to have abortion again. It may also cause infection, bleeding, uterine cavity adhesion, lack of nutrition, and relaxing the fetus in the inner mouth of the cervix.

Can improve the quality of the fetus

Especially the first abortion is caused by embryonic abnormalities or other diseases. The longer the next time the interval time is, the smaller the chance of an abnormality again.

In this case, the interval time needs to be longer!

Induction of labor!

The induction of labor needs to be artificially terminated due to embryo or mother’s reasons after 12 weeks of pregnancy, and it is divided into medium -term induction (14-28 weeks) and advanced pregnancy induction (after 28 weeks).

The induction surgery is to use the drug to let the fetus die in the palace, and then use the uterine drug to reduce the method of giving birth to the fetus from the body.

This surgery is equivalent to a childbirth, which is very harmful to women.

Therefore, it is recommended to consider pregnancy after one year of induction surgery.


What should I pay attention to when pregnant again after abortion?

Prepare for pregnancy

If you are forced to terminate your pregnancy due to natural miscarriage (fetal or mother abnormal), pre -pregnancy examination should be performed before the next pregnancy.

If there is a miscarriage due to embryonic reasons, a pre -pregnancy -related examination is required to check whether the chromosomes of both sides of the husband and wife are abnormal;

If there is a abortion due to maternal reasons, actively treat basic diseases such as: hypertension, diabetes, endocrine disorders, genital infections, etc., and guided by a specialist to conceive under the condition of physical conditions.



Regular production inspection

During pregnancy, we must regularly go to the hospital for a checkup for medical examinations. The birth checkup can understand the specific situation of pregnant mothers and fetuses in time, so that problems can be found early and take measures early;


Healthy living habits

In terms of diet, a balanced intake of various nutrients: the appropriate amount of protein intake, the amount of fat intake is appropriately controlled, mainly light; the life must be regular, rest proper rest, avoid heavy physical labor;


Have a good attitude

You must learn to adjust your emotions appropriately, because your emotions not only have your own health, but also affect your baby’s growth and development.

After abortion, it takes a certain time to recover to get pregnant again

This is the same after production



How long does it take to get pregnant again after production?

Give birth

The first child is a smooth delivery. The production time of the second child is not very strict, but it is best to be one year later.

Because generally, the perineal side is encountered (no side -cut), and wounds, uterus, and body need a certain time for recovery.

And the baby of the first tire needs to be breastfeeding and take care. It is not good for the growth and development of the first child too early.

Cesarean section

The first child is cesarean, and the second child is recommended to be at least two years.

The interval is too short, the knife mouth of the first tire clue has not completely healed, and the uterus continues to increase after pregnancy, and the uterine wall becomes thinner, especially the uterine scar is weak, which may cause uterine rupture to cause abdominal hemorrhage and endanger life.


What should I do if the interval period is insufficient?

If you are pregnant again after delivery

Related examinations must be performed in accordance with doctors to ensure safe pregnancy.

Although you can get pregnant again after the delivery, you can get pregnant again, but this will hurt his mother’s physical damage. Xiao Wei still does not recommend doing this.

After delivery, we must ensure that the body is fully recovered, and you can get pregnant again with good self -condition, in order to bred a healthier life.

If you are pregnant again after cesarean section


Regular check -up is a must

After the interval time is not conceived, you should go to the hospital immediately for relevant examinations, and continue pregnancy under the close monitoring of the doctor.


Avoid squeezing to the abdomen

Especially in the third trimester, scars should be prevented.It is best not to go to the place where people gather in daily life, pay more attention to rest, avoid sexual life after July pregnancy;


If an abnormal situation occurs, seek medical treatment in time

If you feel abdominal pain during pregnancy, go to the hospital for examination in time, because there may be abdominal pain that may occur after the uterine rupture, you must be vigilant;


Care section Pregnant mothers suggest that there are only 2 babies

Generally, the pregnant mother who uses a cesarean section in the first child, the probability of the second child is as high as 80%. If the two tires are cesarean section, the chance of uterine rupture will increase again.Mom regenerates the third child.

Now, you all know that making people also depends on the timing ~

If you want to have a two -child quasi -mother

It is recommended to plan your time and adjust your body

Avoiding the second child is already more dangerous

Don’t take risks without sufficient interval to give birth to a second child

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