How long can I get pregnant again after unexpected abortion?Doctor: Please exceed this time interval

Pregnancy is something that makes many women happy, but many times the surprise does not last too long, and many women will worry about whether there will be accidents and abortion.Many first pregnant women are facing abortion accidents, and they are always unacceptable.Why is there an abortion?What should I do if I accidentally miscarriage?When can I get pregnant again?Wei Jiaxue, director of the prenatal diagnosis center of Guangdong Province Second People’s Hospital, answered questions.

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Xiao Wang, who lives in Haizhu District, was 29 years old and gave birth to a healthy girl 5 years ago. After the second child policy, he always wanted to regenerate one.The helplessness was for a long time, but it was repeated three times from two years, which made Xiao Wang and her husband very anxious.Holding a hint of hope, come to the prenatal diagnosis center of the Second People’s Hospital of Guangdong Province for consultation.

Wei Jiaxue found that her husband’s chromosome nuclear type was normal, and Xiao Wang’s chromosomal balance was balanced for the sterile chromosomal examination.The equilibrium level is that the two non -similar chromosomes are interchangeable. It is a relatively common structural distortion. The chance of occurring in the entire crowd is about 1: 250.

Wei Jiaxue said that the balancing junior chromosomal carriers generally have no abnormal performance in general, but due to the abnormal breakage of the chromosomes, the chromosomes produced during the birth of the offspring may have a large number of genetic materials.The fetus is likely to occur, abortion, abortion, abnormal structure, autism, and intellectual development.

It has nothing to do with the picture and text, just to match the picture

The reason for the repeated miscarriage of Xiao Wang is because the presence of the little king chromosome causes abnormal embryo chromosome abnormalities. Wei Jiaxue explained that "in fact, the abnormalities of embryo chromosomes are the most common causes of natural miscarriage."

Related clinical data shows that more than 60%of abortion or stop developing embryos can be detected in various types of chromosomes, most of which are abnormal number of chromosomes.The abnormal number of embryo chromosomes may be caused by the abnormal chromosomes of both parents as Xiao Wang, or it may also be that errors in the process of pregnancy cause an error caused by embryonic genetic abnormalities, especially when both parents are old.

If there are two or more abortion, the possibility of the third pregnancy abortion is also relatively high. About 1-2%of the entire crowd will be this situation.For such groups, Wei Jiaxue said that once this situation occurs, try to get pregnant. For women with recurrence and early abortion, women should first clarify the cause of miscarriage. It is necessary to conduct prenatal genetic examinationsGenetic factors.If it is determined to be the suggestion caused by the abnormalities of the husband and wife’s hereditary material to stop testing, the mature reproductive center should be selected for third -generation IVF pregnancy, that is, the diagnosis of genetics before the embryo implantation, screening healthy embryo transplantation to prevent genetic diseases from transmitting.

Therefore, if the little king is successful, even if there is no problem with the successful pregnancy, Wei Jiaxue also suggested that the prenatal diagnosis should be performed early to avoid the birth of an abnormal child through the test of the fetal genetic material and achieve eugenics.

It has nothing to do with the picture and text, just to match the picture

Many people think that abortion is a matter of a small number of people, "in fact, the chance of abortion is not low," Wei Jiaxue said.According to the results of a US non -profit research organization, about half of about half of the pregnancy eventually disappeared, which greatly exceeded the awareness of ordinary people.In our impression, abortion is rarely encountered unfortunate incidents, where there is such a high incidence.

Wei Jiaxue said that in fact, it has a certain reason to think about it, because most of the abortion occurs in the extremely early stage of conception, and the pregnant woman himself is completely indifferent or just menstruation is delayed for a few days.However, 15-25%of known pregnancy ended in abortion, 80%of them occurred before 20 weeks of pregnancy, and abortion was called advanced abortion before 20 weeks before 28 weeks, and the chance of occurred was very small.

Abortion is generally because the fetus itself has serious genetic defects, and such abortion is unavoidable.In most cases, the genetic defects of the fetus have nothing to do with the mother. It is the loss, repetition or mutation of the genetic material that occurs in the process of combining sperm eggs.If the possibility of these errors occur when the mother is pregnant, the chance of miscarriage will increase accordingly.

Wei Jiaxue reminded that in addition to genetic defects, infection and maternal diseases, such as diabetes, abnormal thyroid function, hormone problems, immune system response, uterine malformations, etc. are also possible causes of abortion. Corresponding treatment of these factors can reduce the chance of abortion.

Abortion is usually frustrated, sad and even angry, but abortion does not mean the problem of fertility.Wei Jiaxue said that about 85%of women will have a healthy pregnancy process and give birth to healthy babies after pregnancy.Therefore, there is no need to blame women during abortion, and they should believe that they can have a healthy pregnancy process.

Regarding when the abortion can be pregnant again, Wei Jiaxue said that many outpatient women will have a misunderstanding. After abortion, they should be prepared after a period of cultivation for a period of time. "In fact, there is no reason to delay the time of pregnancy after abortion, but there is a miscarriage, but there is a miscarriage.It should not be performed in two weeks to prevent uterine cavity infection. "When the two weeks later, the conception depends on whether the aborted woman and their families are prepared, as long as they are convinced that they are prepared and mentally prepared, they can get pregnant again.

In addition, Wei Jiaxue introduced that related research shows that the earlier pregnancy, the higher the chance of getting a healthy baby.Compared with women who are waiting for longer, the possibility of re -pregnancy complications at 6 months after abortion decreases significantly.If you wait for more than two years to get pregnant again, the chances of ectopic pregnancy, cesarean section, and low birth weight will increase.

At the same time, Wei Jiaxue reminded that the ideal when preparing for pregnancy is to supplement vitamins and folic acid a few months before conception, maintain healthy weight, avoid smoke and alcoholic drugs, and reduce coffee and tea intake.After the successful pregnancy, the maternal and complications should be found on time. The mothers and complications of the mother should be found in a timely manner. The abortion threatened and the fetal development of the fetus should be discovered in a timely manner. Corresponding measures are taken in time to ensure the smooth progress of pregnancy.

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Wei Jiaxue, Deputy Chief Physician of the Pre -Diagnostic Center of the Second People’s Hospital of Guangdong Province

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