How long can I see fetal heart when I am pregnant?The following time is very important. Many expectant mothers don’t know

The expectant mothers just checked their pregnancy, and they were careful every step, for fear of what would be lost in the baby in the stomach.

Early production checks, listening to fetal heart is a very important step. The baby’s protruding beating shows that the new life has begun to grow strong. However, some babies can not hear the fetal heart.

How many weeks of pregnancy can I hear the fetal heart?Didn’t hear that the baby stopped developing?

Xiao Wu is an elderly pregnant woman. Usually, menstruation is not very time on time. When she finds that menstruation has not come, after detecting pregnancy at home, it is eight weeks after menstruation.

Xiao Wu hurriedly went to the hospital and wanted to check how the baby’s development was. The doctor opened her abdominal color Doppler ultrasound and told her to hold a urine check.

The doctor said that in this case, it takes a week to review it to see if the embryo is stopped or the bed is late.

Xiao Wu returned home, and spent a week after sitting on a needle felt.

When a week later, Xiao Wu came to the hospital again. This time, the doctor suggested that Xiao Wu was a yin -type color Doppler ultrasound, because the embryo was relatively small in the early pregnancy, and the color ultrasound could see more clearly.

This examination shows that the fetal heart has been seen, and some pregnant women who are not on time in the early pregnancy due to ovulation time in the early pregnancy.

It will indeed be a little later to see the fetal heart, and the accuracy of the color ultrasound in the abdomen is slightly worse. When you wait for a while, there will be good news.

1) Detect whether to be pregnant

When menstruation is postponed, expectant mothers can use early pregnancy test strips to detect whether they are pregnant. After detecting pregnancy, you can go to the hospital for blood testing to further detect various indicators.

Going to the hospital is mainly to detect progesterone, and the height of HCG’s indicators to further determine whether to get pregnant.At the same time, doctors will inform when to come to the hospital for examination according to the test.

2) Determine whether you are pregnant in the palace

Generally, after 6 weeks of pregnancy, you can use color Doppler ultrasound judgment to eliminate ectopic pregnancy in the palace.

If the expectant mother has no symptoms of abdominal pain and bleeding, you can also wait for about eight weeks to do a color Doppler ultrasound together. At that time, you may see the fetal heart beating.

In the early pregnancy examination, the abdominal color Doppler ultrasound is usually used, which requires urination.If a vulvar color Doppler ultrasound is adopted, urination is needed.

1) The morning and evening in the embryo bed is different

The calculation of the pregnancy week is calculated from the first day of the last menstruation.

However, the ovulation day of each mother and the morning and evening of bed may lead to differences in the actual gestational week, so the time of fetal hearts will be different.

2) Different fetal development

Some babies, after bed, will occur in embryos due to embryonic itself, which is also a kind of survival of the fittest. Don’t be discouraged at this time.

After the Qing Palace, you must raise your body and believe that your baby will come again.

1) Folic acid

Women of appropriate age should be supplemented from three months before the start of pregnancy.

Folic acid should be supplemented in early pregnancy. Folic acid can be reduced. The probability of fetal nerve tube deformity. Folic acid can go to the pharmacy to buy or go to the local family planning department for free.

However, it should be noted that folic acid supplements do not have excessive amounts, 0.4 mg per day, and excessiveness is not conducive to fetal development.

3) Pay attention to rest

In the early pregnancy, because the placenta has not grown, the embryo is not very stable, so expectant mothers, do not mention heavy objects, do big movements, and do not overwork, so as not to cause miscarriage.

4) Reasonable diet

In the early pregnancy, due to the advent of early pregnancy reactions, some expectant mothers started to be sick and have no appetite. At this time, eat as much food as possible according to their own taste to maintain physical strength.

【Mom Sending】

From a small gestational sac, the baby gradually grew up, and began his journey of life.

【Topic today】

Has your baby checked the fetal heart early?

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