How long can pregnancy test out?Teach you five most accurate methods, the answer will surprise you!

Many women who prepare for pregnancy want to confirm whether they are pregnant at the first time. Of course, pregnancy cannot be measured at a certain period of time.First of all, master the method, you don’t need to be anxious for how long you can get pregnant.

How long can pregnancy test out

1. Auntie

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2. Early pregnancy test strip test

Early pregnancy test strip is one of the simplest and intuitive methods of pregnancy as early as possible.This method of pregnancy testing is very simple. It didn’t take long for women to be detected by urine at home.Generally, 8-10 days after the same room can be measured. Of course, the longer the time, the more accurate.

3. Basic body temperature test

This method is the earliest method for testing and the longest test time.Because the body temperature must be measured at least one week every day.The body temperature is measured after waking up every morning. At this time, the body temperature is generally below 36.5 ° C. If it lasted more than 18 days of high temperature curve, it can be preliminarily determined as pregnancy.

Fourth, blood HCG test pregnancy

If you are pregnant at home, you can go to the hospital for a HCG test at this time. This is the earliest way to accurately detect whether there is any pregnancy.Blood HCG detection is generally going to the hospital about 10 days after the same room to do blood HCG to check the content of blood HCG in the blood.

5. B -ultrasound

The B -ultrasound is the highest accuracy.One month after menopause, if you are pregnant, you can see the pregnancy sac.Of course, if you can’t wait for 1 month, you can do vaginal B -ultrasound. Time can be about 7 days earlier than the abdomen B Super.

Pregnancy is not a trivial matter. If you suspect that you are pregnant and start the test at home, you should read the instructions carefully before the test, and do it accurately according to each step.Wish pregnancy mothers and babies are healthy.

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