How long does it take to pay for maternity leave after the flight attendant?

Nine -year short pregnant women answered questions online.

Hello everyone is me.I just took the video of the bag for everyone. You asked a few more two days ago, and I sat in this corner, just watching Douyin’s comment here.Seeing a lot, everyone asked me if I resigned, do you still go back to fly after giving birth? Is it necessary for the airline to be pregnant?Today, I just answered the airline’s treatment of pregnant staff. I ca n’t remember many questions, so I made some drafts.

· First of all, I did not resign, it was normal for maternity leave.Because of the particularity of this work, the flight attendants immediately rest their maternity leave after pregnancy.After I took the blood test form in the morning, I went to the company directly to go to the company in the afternoon. I have to bring a copy and registered sign of the marriage certificate.It’s right.

Therefore, flight attendant pregnancy can be immediately restless. I think this is quite good. Don’t ask me why I don’t go to work now.How long is the maternity leave time?It has been 10 months during pregnancy. In addition, postpartum leave and breastfeeding leave a total of 18 months, that is, one and a half years or two years, is to see the physical recovery.

Do you still have salary?some.There is basic salary, but the basic salary is very small.The salary structure of flight attendants is mainly composed of three parts: basic salary+hours+overnight fees.The big head is the hourly fee, and I fly a monthly 0, so there is no hourly fee, only the basic salary.By July this year, it has been deducted by the provident fund.I guess I have to post it.

I do n’t know who you listen to it. If you are pregnant, you do n’t want you, just go back to fly after your maternity leave.Some people say that after so long, what should I do if my professional skills have been forgotten?You need to take a mother training class first. You can continue to work when you pass the re -obtained qualification certificate.What is the fertility of flight attendants?To be honest, I don’t understand this. It seems that according to the company’s profit last year, and the time of maternity leave, I don’t understand, but I heard that there were five or six of others, I lost!

It was sealed last year in December for 3 months, without profit, and the way each company distributed was not the same. Like my friend, she sent a little bit a month, and it was like a squeezing cream a month.The account is relatively cool.

Are there many sisters who care about giving birth and continue to fly back to fly?To be honest, I didn’t think so much, but I didn’t expect so far.Maybe I don’t think I can do it, and I can’t care so much.I may resign.It may also be that I will be energetic and can take care of family and work at the same time. Then I may continue to fly, and I am not sure about it.Now my mind is unwilling to think about things, and my body does not want to move my mind and follows laziness.

Today, these issues should be, anyway, I can see so much.There are other questions. The comment area is welcome to occupy the pit at any time.

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