How long does the new mothers come to menstruation after giving birth? What are the factors that affect menstruation?

The new mothers have worked hard to give birth to the baby smoothly in October. Is the new mothers who can hardly hide the little excitement in their hearts?

New mothers must not be careless, and the postpartum care is also very important, especially the postpartum aunts must not be ignored!

The new mother recovers the period of menstruation early and late, and it will come after the baby’s full moon, and it will not be recovered until the baby is 1 year old.The situation of each mother is different, and there is no very clear time.

Breastfeeding mothers will approximately 12-18 weeks.Most breastfeeding mothers will fully restore the ovulation function 18 weeks after childbirth. Moms with ovulation and menstruation will accounted for about 25%in 12 weeks after giving birth.

Non-breastfeeding mothers are about 6-10 weeks, and mothers who do not breastfeed account for about 40%of ovulation 6 weeks after giving birth; 8-12 weeks after giving birth, if they have not resumed ovulation and aunt, their mother only accounts for about 35 35%, The latest can be one year later.

In general, this time is related to the age of the mother, whether it is breastfeeding, and the recovery of ovarian function.

What are the factors that affect menstruation?

The first monthly lactation was the most affected by breastfeeding, and the number of breastfeeding times was also closely related to the time of menstrual recovery.

Generally speaking, the longer the number of breastfeeding, the longer the breast suction time, and the later the menstrual period, the later.

And because the number of breastfeeding and the time of breastfeeding will change after the baby starts to add supplementary food, the earlier the baby adds supplementary food, the number of breastfeeding and the time of breastfeeding will be reduced accordingly, and the time of menstrual recovery will be correspondingly correspondingly advance.

The time of the recurring tide varies from person to person, and it is also related to the age, ovarian function, and recovery of endocrine function. The postpartum mothers have good emotions, ovarian function is restored to normal, and uterine contraction is good.Essence

For new mothers who have no compound menstruation for a long time after giving birth, we must be alert to the possibility of pregnancy again.Most of Mummy, who is relatively late after giving birth, has ovulated before the first menstrual recovery, so even if Mommy has no compound menstruation, it may be pregnant.It can be seen that the recovery of sexual life before menstruation should also pay attention to contraception.

If you can’t wait for the "first" menstruation for a long time, you should test or go to the hospital to confirm whether you are pregnant again.

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