How long will menstruation come after abortion?Most of this scope will recover

In life, some women choose to terminate pregnancy through drug abortion or artificial abortion after accidents.Abortion occurred at 12 weeks of pregnancy. The former said early abortion, and those who occurred from 12 weeks to less than 28 weeks of pregnancy called advanced abortion.Abortion is divided into natural abortion and artificial abortion. The incidence of natural abortion accounts for about 15%of all pregnancy, most of which are early abortion.

However, because menstruation will stop after pregnancy, and when to return to normal after choosing abortion, it becomes a problem for women to care about.In addition, menstruation may be affected after abortion, which is delayed or delayed, causing women to judge when menstruation will occur.

Under normal circumstances, there will be menstrual tide in about one month after abortion, and the specific time varies from person to person.Because the endometrium of the uterine after abortion will be harmed, the degree of injury directly affects the time of menstruation, and some women have symptoms of endocrine disorders.Therefore, it is normal for menstruation or delay to be delayed, and there will be a short -term disorder of menstruation, which will take about three months to recover.If there is no menstruation for more than a month, it is best to go to the hospital for examination to see if there is a health problem.

1. Maintain a good mentality

In life, the abortion of some women is an unexpected abortion. Losing their baby after pregnancy often causes women to have a negative emotion or negative mentality.In this way, it is easy to cause damage to your health.Therefore, women need to adjust their personal mentality after abortion, and maintain a good mentality so as not to be affected by the endocrine system.Only by optimism can we prepare for the next conception.

2. Add more nutrition

Women’s abortion has a great damage to the body. Therefore, after abortion, you need to pay attention to the body’s nourishment. You can add more protein to make women eat fish, lean meat, soy foods, etc.nutrient.

In addition, you can also eat fresh vegetables and fruits to supplement sufficient vitamins, minerals, and trace elements to help improve the body’s immunity.It is worth mentioning that after the abortion of women, it is taboo to eat raw, cold, and hard things.

3. Pay attention to sufficient sleep

After women’s abortion, it is best to stay in bed for a week to allow the uterus to be fully recaptured to ensure the recovery of its function.If it is aborted by manual ways, the damage to the uterus is greater. At this time, you need to pay attention to increase the sleep time and relax the body, so that the recovery of the post -aborted female body will help.

4. Temporarily prohibit sexual life

After women have a miscarriage, at least one month should be prohibited to avoid gynecological inflammation.In the process of sexual life, if there are bacteria hidden in the genitals of men or bacteria in vulva in the vulva of women, they will be organic, causing the cervix to be infected, and it will easily cause gynecological inflammation and harm health.

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