How long will you feel sick?Most in this period of time, but also vary from person to person

Pregnancy is a stage that most women must go through. This not only carries the historical task of stretching, but also the crystallization of the happy partner. Many women are more nervous and worried, because pregnancy is accompanied by a lot of body.Change, such as: weight gain, vomiting, body edema, and other pregnancy reactions, and this reaction varies from person to person, and the pregnancy reactions of different constitutions are different.Among them, vomiting is a relatively common pregnancy reaction. Most of the pregnant women occur during pregnancy, but the length of time is different. How long will women feel nauseous and vomiting will appear below. Let’s analyze it below.

1. How long will you feel sick when you are pregnant?

According to medical research, most female friends have begun early pregnancy reactions at about 40 days of pregnancy, such as nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite, etc. Of course, some women have no response.

Early pregnancy reactions are different because of different constitutions. Everyone has different symptoms. Some people are afraid of cold, some people are sleepy, some people cannot smell the smell of oil fume, and some people will vomit.These symptoms generally appear after 6 weeks of menopause and generally continue until 3 months after pregnancy.Of course, there are also special circumstances, because of different hormones, some pregnant women’s early pregnancy reactions will last until 16-18 weeks.

More than 60 % of pregnant women’s early pregnancy reactions will vomit. They often occur after getting up in the morning. Sudden vomiting often makes expectant mothers feel uncomfortable.Female friends who are in the early pregnancy period do not have to panic, this is a normal physiological reaction.Under normal circumstances, there is no much impact on health, and no special treatment is required.As long as you ensure that your mood is happy and emotional, pay attention to bed rest. In 12 weeks after pregnancy, this symptom will disappear by itself.If vomiting is serious, what to eat and vomiting, the weight is significantly reduced, and the normal metabolic function of the body becomes disorder. You need to go to the hospital for professional treatment to avoid affecting the fetus in the abdomen.

2. What should I do if the symptoms of nausea occur?

After the symptoms of nausea and vomiting, you must change the existing eating habits, eat less or not to eat greasy, irritating foods, and eat more light and liquid food.Drink plenty of water, be careful not to get angry, and get angry.

Pregnancy is a hard -working and happy thing. The physical response during pregnancy during hard work, and happy things have bred a new life.Try not to use medicine after pregnancy. If the situation is special, you must follow the doctor’s advice and not take medicine without authorization, so as not to affect the development of the baby.Therefore, when there is a disgusting symptom, don’t be irritable, you must correct your attitude and maintain a positive emotion.

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