How many weeks of pregnancy?Calculate the pregnancy cycle accurately, pregnant mothers only do this!

Many pregnant mothers who are pregnant for the first time have just started to be confused about the number of gestational weeks. I do n’t know whether I have been pregnant for a few days. What is even more embarrassing is that my friends and family asked us for a few weeks of pregnancy, and we could n’t answer accurately.So how can pregnant mothers calculate their own germs?Many pregnant mothers find that the number of gestational weeks displayed on the B -ultrasound is different from the previous records of the B -ultrasound. Which one is accurate?

How to calculate the pregnancy cycle?

Pregnant mothers know that the pregnancy cycle is calculated based on the last menstruation.The last menstrual period is also called "LMP". Usually, doctors will ask pregnant mothers to accurately date, from the beginning to the end of the end, so that the pregnant mother can tell the accurate due date.If you cannot remember the following menstrual period, you can be calculated based on the date of fetal movement.Generally, the date of fetal movement is about 18-20 weeks after pregnancy, and about 20 weeks can be calculated about about the due date.

Generally, the first day after the last menstrual period is the first day after the mother’s pregnancy.

The due date is: the last period of the monthly monthly month is added 9 or 3, and the days are added 7.If calculated by the lunar calendar, the monthly calculation method is the same, and the day is changed to 15.

Medical theoretical pregnancy week

This is the calculation method used in the medical report. At the same time, it is also the calculation method used by everyone’s usual communication, looking at the doctor, and discussing in the forum.In short, if there is no special explanation, the pregnancy weeks everyone mentioned are this "medical theoretical weeks".

Its assumptions are that the ovulation and holidays of pregnant women are in line with medical laws, that is, the menstrual cycle is 28 days, and the ovulation is ovulated 14 days before the second menstruation (also 14 days after the first menstruation).Its calculation method is very simple, the first day of your last holiday, the first day of pregnancy.For example, you discovered a routine holiday at noon on December 26. On February 1st, your pregnancy was 6 days (December 26-31)+31 days (January in the next year) +1 days (in the coming year in the coming yearFebruary) = 37 days, according to the pregnancy week, it can be described as 5W+2D.

After reading the calculation method of the above pregnancy week, do you know how to calculate your actual gestational week?Just talk about the number of days your gestational week is now!

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