How much do you know about pregnancy?9th pregnancy month in the third trimester (33 ~ 36 weeks)

In September during pregnancy, do most expectant mothers feel that they have been as long as they are pregnant?Can’t wait to see your baby?And at this time, many expectant mothers began to imagine the process of childbirth and prepared for that important moment.At this time, the expectant mothers should not be nervous or anxious. They should relax and rest as much as possible.

With the increase of the baby’s baby, the uterus has occupied most of the abdominal cavity, compressing the stomach and diaphragm, and the upper heart of them, and the heart moves the heart, causing palpitations, asthma, bloating, no appetite, urine times even morefrequently.At the same time, I also feel the contraction.

Due to the bulge of the abdomen, it will affect the various functions of the body; for example, if you walk too much, the abdomen and back of the expectant mother may hurt.And swelling with hands and feet, especially at night.

Here are some tips to reduce the symptoms of discomfort:

1. Family discomfort caused by the baby’s kick.I feel that the baby’s movement will make the expectant mothers rest assured and happy, but if the baby’s calf repeatedly kicks the same place, the expectant mother will feel uncomfortable.Frequent replacement postures are helpful to alleviate this discomfort.

2. tired.The tired mother mothers may wish to raise their feet a little every day, and when they lie down, they are facing the left.This helps to restore physical strength and increase the blood supply to the placenta.Do not frequently exercise or strenuous exercise at this stage, which will exacerbate fatigue.Know how appropriately!

Most of the expectant mothers are thinking about childbirth or baby birth, which is normal and disturbing.Because there are many uncertainty, and there are many embarrassment for the future.However, expectant mothers must face it with a positive attitude, everything is developing in a good direction!

At this time, communicate with your doctors, and they can give you the best suggestions.If you still feel irritable, read books or listen to music.Or do other things you want to do.After the baby is born, it is difficult to find the time to do what he wants to do, and maybe even what you have to do is very nervous.Arrange once with friends or partners, participate in a concert, or watch a movie, haircut, etc.

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