How much does it cost to sleep at the police station?8 -year -old boy asked the answer casually

"How much does it cost to go to the police station?"

Tong Tong (pseudonym) a sentence full of childlike words

Let the police officer can’t help

8 -year -old boy Tong Tong

After waking up late at night, I found that my parents were gone

Stop by the phone and watch

Speed students Zhizhizhao 110 alarm

"Mom and Dad are gone,

I’m at home alone, I’m so scared … "

At 2 am on August 21st

The alarm was broken

Hongshan Branch of Wuhan Public Security Bureau

The tranquility of Yujiashan Police Station on duty

The tender child’s sound on the phone

Take the police for help with the crying cavity

After receiving the alarm

The police on duty, Yang Yecheng, and auxiliary police officer quickly went to the police

"Come on, I’m so scared!"

On the way to the police, Tong Tong dialed 110 many times

After 10 minutes, the police rushed to Tong Tong’s house

"Mom and Dad did not have the anger that gave birth to me,

How can I go?"

At first sight, the uncle of the police came

The Tong Tong Corner Crying

The police rushed to Tong Tong’s house.

"The two of them didn’t quarrel,

Because my mother is pregnant,

It is impossible to quarrel."

Tong Tong’s initiative and police

Analyze the reasons why parents leave

Emotions are gradually stable


Tong Tong reports his parents’ mobile phone number

When dialing the police mobile phone

Both mobile phones are in a state of unattended answering

"Are you waiting for us to go back to the police station to sleep?

Wait for your parents to pick you up and pick you up."

Police and Tong Tong discussed

"How much money?"

Tong Tong’s cold words

Let the police stun the gods

"Ah, why do you want money?

Go to our police station without money."

Yang Yecheng answered with a smile

Tong Tong wrote a message to prevent his parents from worrying.


Tong Tong proposed to write a message bar

Don’t worry about your parents when you go home

Go directly to the police station to find him

"I don’t know this is a nightmare

Or real thing?"

Tong Tong wrote to himself while writing a letter

After returning to the police station

Yang Yecheng came to his bedroom with Tong Tong

"go to bed early,

Don’t be afraid, I’m next to it."

Tong Tong quickly fell asleep

At 5 am that day

The police finally received

The child’s father, Mr. Wang, called

turn out to be

That night, Tong Tong’s mother’s acute kidney stones occurred

Pain unbearable

The couple saw their son sleeping deeply

Think about dawn and rush back

I hurriedly set off

I didn’t expect Tong Tong to wake up at night

The police told Mr. Wang

Tongtong is very smart

Proposal for Tong Tong to rest for a while

Wait until dawn and then pick it up

Tong Tong’s father came to pick up his child in his office.

7 am

Tong Tong woke up from his sleep

I saw my dad as soon as I opened my eyes

He told his father excitedly

Everything at night

It’s like making a wonderful dream

Unexpectedly, I will be

Uncle Police’s room sleeps until dawn


Praise for a witty child


Produced by the Yangtze River Daily: Correspondent Luo Weizhou reporter Li Huizi

Source: Changjiang Daily

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