How much does smoking during pregnancy (pregnancy)?

There are more and more smoking groups now: Some of them smoke just to relieve stress, which lasts; some people suck tobacco Nicotine are very low; of course, a large number of people belong to "old smoke guns", "Smoke with smoke like life. "

Female friends with smoking habits should quit smoking before and throughout pregnancy, and her husband should also quit smoking, and her family who lives with her also needs to quit smoking.

Nicotine in cigarettes has a negative impact on women’s conception.The newborns born of smoking women have a weight lower than the child born of women who do not smoke.A study in the United States showed that 4,600 newborn deaths each year were due to smoking in pregnant women (Nichotine had the possibility of inducing abortion and premature birth).

Carbon dioxide and nicotine in cigarettes enter the lungs and blood of pregnant mothers.Nicotine can shrink blood vessels, which will shrink the blood vessels of the placenta during pregnancy and reduce the blood supply of the fetus. The carbon monoxide reduces the oxygen carrying capacity of the fetal hemoglobin and causes serious adverse effects on the development of the fetus.(Just like adults’ long -term hypoxia and lack of nutrition, terrible!)

If women with breastfeeding smoke, nicotine can also affect the baby through milk, let the baby’s abdominal pain, increase the chance of suffering from respiratory diseases (a lot of chance)!

Some people will say that they can take a few less?wrong!It’s wrong!Smoking less cigarettes is better than those who smoke a lot, but it is still dangerous!Studies have shown that taking 10 cigarettes a day is 10 times that of women who do not smoke without smoking; 4 cigarettes daily are 1.2 times the danger of fetus without smoking.Although the danger is reduced, why not completely eliminate the danger?Intersection

First of all, too much smoking will cause sperm quality to decrease, and pregnant mothers will passively suck "second -hand smoke" because of their husband’s smoking, and they will also passively suck "second -hand smoke" in family, offices or other places.This is actually the same as the smoking result of the pregnant mother!Therefore, it is best for a husband to quit smoking 3 months before his wife, or do not smoke at home during pregnancy (you should change clean clothes immediately when you go home).And pregnant mothers should also pay attention to the environment they live, and do not go to the noisy environment. Such a high probability that there will be smokers.

Some people will complain that during pregnancy is so long, there are many "unable to control", so do you want to have a healthy baby?IntersectionThe answer is definitely thinking.Many newborn babies have a mild or serious allergy problem now. There are many reasons caused by this disease, and doctors cannot be determined. Moreover, children with smoking smoking are also very likely to have asthma and other respiratory diseases.So be sure to stay away from the hidden dangers around you during pregnancy!

We all hope that our baby is healthy and healthy, and we also hope that we can take care of the baby well, so some problems must be valued!

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