How old is it suitable for children to eat salt?Is the sooner the better?Most Baoma has done wrong

What do parents value most in the process of birth and growth of children?That is the child’s health!Therefore, many new treasure moms pay great attention to before, during, and after pregnancy. Consultation people or consult a doctor to see how to make the baby grow healthily and thrive.Perhaps most parents have done something wrong. The child is not the later, the better the salt, and the sooner the better. So much appropriate?Most Baoma has done wrong!

So what’s a bad place for children to eat salt too early?Let’s briefly introduce it

First, even adults should pay more attention not to eat too much salt, otherwise it is not good for the body’s organs, let alone the child is so small now?Therefore, the dangers of eating salt too early I believe that the first thing that everyone can think of is that it is bad for the child’s organs, which will affect the healthy growth of the child.

Second, if the child eats salt prematurely, the saliva secretion in the child’s mouth and the reduced enzymes in saliva will affect the child’s resistance.Resistance is very important. Without a good resistance, children are easy to get sick;

When the child is sick, the parents need to spend time with the child, and the child is uncomfortable.I believe that many parents know the importance of prevention. Sometimes compared to treatment, prevention should be valued by everyone.

Third, everyone is eating well now, and there are more choices in their diet, so now the children are very tall, but parents should pay attention to the child if you take the salt prematurely, it will affect the bodyThe absorption of calcium also has a great impact on the development of bones and height!

So how can parents control their children’s diet and then control their children’s salt intake?

First, first of all, the child’s daily diet is prepared by the parents, so the parents must pay attention to it. Adults can put some salt or other seasonings in order to taste better.But children cannot eat, all of which are salt in these seasonings.So do not add seasonings for your children.

Therefore, the child’s diet should be separated from the adult diet, not to mention that in fact, as long as you ensure the daily salt, the too salty itself will have a great burden on the body, so even after the child grows up, he should be in the adults.Make sure it is light in diet.

Secondly, although they are saying not to give their children too early to take salt, parents should not think wrong. Many parents are not good at eating too much salt, and they depending on the salt as a tiger.You need to know that you do not eat salt, but to consume the specified weight;

It is also not good for the body not to eat salt, and at first do not give the child not to eat salt because the milk that the child eats the sodium you need, you don’t need to be too much; while the child grows up to a certain timeTime should also eat salt slowly.How much can I eat salt?Let’s introduce it below.

Generally speaking, after six months, some salt intake can be added, and it can be added after 1 year old, but the amount must be controlled.In order to reassure parents, parents are recommended to consult a doctor, and they can get more information about health care, and try not to miss any details!

Don’t worry about children too much, so Renyun Yiyun listen to some people’s experience. Sometimes they may be right, but sometimes they are wrong, so the best way is to consult with others’

Bao Ma I am very able to appreciate my mother’s attention to the health of the children, and also experienced the kind of handsome and feet of novice Bao Ma. Regarding how much the child should start eating salt, the better the later, the better the problem.It is recommended to attract attention. In order to make most or even all parents do wrong, then you must consult a doctor and get accurate and systematic information!I don’t know if you have this problem or similar questions to remind everyone?

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