How should Gong Han regulate? Will Gong Han affect children?

Gong Han is a derivative vocabulary, and there is no such statement in Chinese medicine and western medicine.The symptoms close to it are kidney yang deficiency, spleen yang deficiency, or spleen and kidney yang deficiency.The word "Gong Han" appeared for the convenience of the people.Gong Han does have an impact on children, but can also be adjusted.

1. Gonghan is the lack of kidney yang of women.Many women in Gonghan will mainly have symptoms such as cold, soft back, soft and long urine, long night urine, indifferent sexual desire, delayed menstruation, etc. often have less menstruation and light colors.

In winter, hands and feet are cold, which will cause infertility.

3. Gonghan can cause infertility, but it does not mean that Gong Han must be infertility.

The temperature of the uterus is low, and it is really not suitable for fetal growth, and it is easy to have a miscarriage even if you are pregnant.Therefore, it is necessary to regulate the uterine environment before preparing for pregnancy.

1. Living habits

To change your habits and keep warm, especially in the cold winter, do not tremble in the cold wind in order to pursue excessive pursuit.

2. Eating method

In diet, avoid eating raw cold food, eat less cabbage, white radish, green tea and other cold foods, etc., eat more warm foods, such as mutton, dog meat, leek, walnuts, longan, jujube, peanuts, etc.

You can also eat some ginger.Buy all kinds of snack ginger in the snack shop, such as ginger, such as lemon juice ginger, plum ginger, etc.;After taking it, you will feel warm with your hands and feet.

Especially during menstruation, it is necessary to quit cold drinks, soda and ice cream.

3. Persist in exercise

Gong Han’s people should also strengthen exercise appropriately. Generally speaking, Gong Han’s people are quite quiet and stable, and it is easy to feel fatigue when exercising too much.In fact, "movement is yang", and those with cold constitutions need to improve their physique through exercise.

Fasting is the easiest way.Walking, especially on the pebble road, can stimulate the meridians and acupoints that can be stimulated, can clear the meridians, regulate qi and blood, improve blood circulation, and warm the whole body.

4. Moxibustion maintenance

The method of moisture moxibustion can be used.Generally, two acupoints are selected: the qi cave in the middle of 1.5 inches in the middle of the navel and the Guanyuan acupoint at 3 inches in the middle of the navel.Baking with moxa daily for 30 minutes every day can play a good conditioning effect.

In the end, don’t blindly believe in some health massage and nursing homes. Take some so -called conditioning medicines. It is on the one hand. It is really time to eat it.

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