How should I prevent it?

If a woman suffers from infertility, female friends may be despised and blamed by their families.And female friends’ hearts will suffer a lot of torture.Let ’s take a look at the symptoms of female infertility.

The manifestation of infertility:

Some female friends often feel that they have abdominal pain. At this time, they should go to the hospital for examination whether there are diseases such as uterine muscleitis, ovarian inflammation, and endometriosis, which may cause infertility.

Female friends may have leucorrhea and smell in leucorrhea in a certain period of time.At this time, you should go to the hospital for an examination to see if you have inflammation such as pelvic inflammatory disease, endometritis, cervicitis, vaginitis, and cervical erosion. This symptom may not be conducive to sperm conception.

Third, endocrine disorders

Women have symptoms such as chest bloating, puffiness, fever, diarrhea, facial ulcers before and after menstruation. Those who consider endocrine disorders and long -term endocrine disorders can lead to infertility.

Fourth, overflow

Female friends will have milk overflow during non -lactation. It may be a problem with the hypothalamus function, and it can also affect women’s pregnancy.

For women infertility, every woman does not want to see it, so it is mainly for prevention:

First, increase nutrition and strengthen exercise: Eat more animal organs such as liver, brain, etc., which is conducive to the synthesis of sex hormones, and vitamin is also necessary., Eggs, fresh vegetables, fruits, etc.

Second, foods rich in protein and vitamins: protein and vitamins are all essential nutrients for the human body. They are rich in protein and vitamin foods.benefit.

Third, animal organs: This kind of food contains a large amount of cholesterol. Among them, about 10%are adrenal corticosteroids and sex hormones. Proper consumption of such foods can have a certain effect on enhancing sexual functions.

Fourth, zinc -rich food: In plant foods, beans, peanuts, millet, radish, Chinese cabbage, etc.; In animal food, zinc has the most abundant oysters. In addition, beef, chicken liver, Eggs, sheep chops, pork, etc. are also more zinc -containing.

Recipe for treatment of female infertility:

Acupuncture therapy: In a study conducted in Germany, 45 women with infertility problems were successfully pregnant after performing ear acupuncture.Like reflex therapy, acupuncture may increase uterine blood flow and help eggs better combine with sperm, but many doctors have skepticism about this therapy.

Hypnosis: In a study in the United States, hypnosis helps women conceive more than 50%.Expert analysis believes that hypnosis is like a soul massage, and it is believed that women are more likely to conceive.

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