How should pregnant mothers warm in winter?These two methods to harm fetuses should be avoided

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After entering December, most parts of the country have gradually ushered in the weather. Although the north is colder than the south, there is heating in the north. As long as you stay at home, don’t be too comfortable.The friends in the south were a little sad, and it was really miserable.

Especially for pregnant mothers who are more weak and afraid of cold, heating measures are indispensable.There are many pregnant mothers in order to warm their quilt, and they will spread electric blankets on the bed. Although this method is good for heating, it will have a certain amount of improper use for pregnant mothers and fetal baby.Harm.

The hazards of the use of electric blankets during pregnancy

Because electric blankets are electrical appliances, radiation is generated after power -on. The radiation of the electric blanket is mainly in the form of electromagnetic waves to radiate into the surrounding environment, which will affect the health of the human body.And the greater the power of the electric blanket, the greater the radiation of pregnant mothers.

The pregnant mother uses an electric blanket under long -term power. Its electromagnetic radiation will interfere with the normal metabolic activity of the body, which may affect the normal development of the fetal baby, and seriously causes fetal malformations or miscarriage; the use of electric blankets can also lead to an electric blanket.Pregnant mothers are too high to affect the fetus, or burns the skin tissue of the pregnant mother; and the electric blanket can also cause the symptoms of fire such as dry mouth, dry skin, or constipation.

How to use electric blanket correctly?

Pregnant mothers should not use electric blankets during pregnancy, but if they want to use, after 30 minutes of preheating electric blankets, the power should be turned off in time, so as to avoid radiation and allow the body to maintain a proper sleep temperature.

So, how should pregnant mothers warm it correctly?

1. Conditional families try to use concentrated heating as much as possible, the temperature is relatively fixed, and it is better to pregnant mothers, but in order to avoid drying, you can put a few pots of water at home.

2. Families without heating can use air conditioners to heat, but the air conditioner will be relatively dry. While using it, it is best to place a humidifier in the home.

3. If you are relatively small at home, you can use a small sun or electric heaters to warm.

Pregnant mother should not use the heating method

Nuanbao post: As soon as the warm treasure post tears, it will heat itself under the action of air, which will warm.The temperature of this warm treasure sticker can reach 42 ° C, and the temperature before the failure will also be around 35 ° C.Easy to harm the skin of pregnant mothers.

Heater: Because the heater is heating, not only has it radiation itself, but also causes toxin decomposition in the surrounding environment.If the heater is placed on some wooden cabinets, the inferior glue toxins can be preheated and volatilized, so pregnant mothers should pay attention to the correct way of use.

The sky is getting colder. During the heating process, pregnant mothers must choose the correct way to avoid affecting the healthy development of the baby.

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