How should women judge whether they are pregnant?Learn about raising knowledge

For girls, pregnancy is a very important thing in life.When it comes to pregnancy, many girls may react first.Because everyone knows that you need to pay attention to a lot of things during pregnancy, and you are nearly ten months. It is not only the figure of the expectant mothers, but also the mentality and identity.

Especially when the delivery is approaching, the pregnant mother is more anxious. At this time, they will be very envious of those who have children easily.

However, it is said that the long family of pregnancy is not much different, because it is generally ten months.However, some pregnant women do not need ten months to conceive, but only take a few hours to get childbirth, and the delivery process seems very simple and smooth, making everyone envy and very curious.

Female menstruation comes on time, "1 hour" pregnant

A pregnant mother in Indonesia has had two production experiences and has two healthy children.She was very normal for her previous two times. Like other girls, she needs to be pregnant in October to produce smoothly.

However, this third child was pregnant without knowing it, and after he went to the hospital for severe pain, he was sent to the delivery room as soon as he was pregnant, which also made the family very strange.

Because the physiological period of this pregnant mother has always been very normal, there is no "jumping month".And during this period, the pregnant mother did not feel too many abnormalities. It was not until one day that the body suddenly had regular severe pain, and the pregnant mother decided to go to the hospital for examination.

Originally, the pregnant mother thought that it was her stomach pain and old illness, but after the doctor saw her symptoms, she told her that she was pregnant after a series of examinations.

The pregnant mother was shocked after hearing it, because the stomach of her stomach would become larger and the physiological period would stop, but her belly was normal.

Although hidden pregnancy women’s weight will increase, the size of the belly will not change much.Therefore, after a long time of pregnancy, many pregnant mothers still don’t know the fact that she is pregnant.

The doctor said that surgery should be arranged immediately, because the pregnant mother is likely to be produced after an hour.

After preparing, a pregnant mother gave birth to a big fat boy a hour after an hour. A new younger brother was added in the family. The family was very happy. I felt that this was a gift given to everyone from heaven.

But why did it happen immediately after 1 hour of pregnancy?In fact, this is related to pregnant mothers who do not pay much attention to their physical changes, because judging whether pregnancy can not only be judged by one symptom.

How do women judge whether they are pregnant?

There will be many obvious reactions in pregnant women. If the following symptoms will prove that pregnancy is very likely.

The pregnancy reaction during pregnancy is strong: pregnant women’s pregnancy reactions will be stronger. For example, some pregnant mothers may have severe pregnancy vomiting, and some pregnant mothers often have dizzy nausea and decreased immunity.

Delay of physiological period: Some women’s physiological periods are delayed due to irregular diet or schedule, but the phenomenon of some women’s physiological delay is related to pregnancy.Therefore, for women who are usually on time in the normal physiological period, if they find that their physiological period is delayed for about ten days, they must quickly detect whether they are pregnant.

Chest discomfort: After pregnancy, women have more discomfort symptoms, such as the chest will feel swell and pain.The reason why this happens is that the hormone secretion in the body after pregnancy starts to change, and the breast will begin to develop, and the symptoms of pain will occur during the gradual process.

Some women may feel chest pain during menstruation, but in fact, the two pains are different.

The upcoming pain in the physiological period can be relieved by rest, but breast discomfort during pregnancy cannot be improved through sleep, and pain will continue after waking up.

Tiredness is enhanced: If women are pregnant, hormones in the body will change, which may secrete hormones that make people feel tired.This hormone has a large impact on the body and can relieve the pain caused by the body due to pregnancy.But it will also cause pregnant mothers to feel very tired and sleepy, and often feel that they have no spirit.

In addition to the role of hormones, the reasons for the strengthening of the fatigue of pregnant women are also related to the nutrition required by the mother to obtain oxygen and development during the growth of the baby during pregnancy.

After the pregnant mother’s own nutrition is absorbed by the baby, the physique will deteriorate, and if the physical strength is insufficient, it will naturally be tired.So if you feel tired for a while, you can check whether you are pregnant.

Donests become more: When pregnant women are getting closer and closer to childbirth, hormones in pregnant mothers gradually become more.With the increase of hormones in the body, the blood flow in the pregnant mother’s body accelerates, and the moisture will begin to become more, so the secretions of the pregnant mothers will become more.

After finding that the body’s secretions become more, some women think that it is caused by improper care or irregular diet, but in fact, the increased body secretion is also one of the symptoms of pregnancy. Everyone pays more attention to daily.

If you are in a state of pregnancy, you can test it to see if you are pregnant.

Parenting message

Many people judge whether they are pregnant through menstruation, but in fact, this is just one of the standards.For women of different constitutions, symptoms of pregnancy are also different.

Everyone should judge according to their own situation, because some women are still normal even if they are pregnant, so everyone should see if there are other symptoms of pregnancy.

If judging as soon as possible, it is not only conducive to the health of pregnant mothers, but also has a greater impact on fetal development.Therefore, for women who are preparing for pregnancy, we must pay more attention to their physical changes to avoid ingesting substances that are not good for the fetus.

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