How should women treat qi and blood in daily life?


Why is qi and blood particularly important for women?

In the entire life course of women, the difference between the four special stages of menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum breastfeeding in women will be very different from men.Meridity, pregnancy, birth, and milk will consume women’s qi and blood in these four stages.Therefore, nourishing qi and blood is particularly important for women.


Why do menstruation, pregnancy, production, and milk consume women’s blood?

There is a sentence in Chinese medicine gynecology: "Women are used for blood." What does this mean?It means that the normal stage of menstruation, pregnancy, birth, and milk should be maintained. Blood is an essential material.

If women are full of qi and blood, she will go through the process of the entire menstrual, pregnancy, birth, and breasts will be particularly smooth. Female qi and blood are full, and menstruation will be reported on time.

If you have insufficient qi and blood, or qi and blood disorders, menstruation may occur, such as: low menstruation, delayed menstruation, or even amenorrhea or dysmenorrhea.

This is also the case for pregnancy. If women’s blood is full, it is very simple to want to get pregnant, and it is natural to let it go;Infertility.

So even if you are pregnant, then you also need to support qi and blood during pregnancy.In other words, if the qi and blood are insufficient or the qi and blood is not smooth, the milk secretion of postpartum will be abnormal, that is, the milk we say is not enough.

Therefore, menstruation, pregnancy, yield, and milk are a process that will consume the qi and blood of women.Therefore, women need to treat qi and blood more than men.


What are the performance of qi and blood deficiency?How to judge?

Qi deficiency: self -sweat, dizziness, tinnitus, fatigue, weakness, shortness of breath, weak tongue, weak tongue

Blood deficiency: no colorful complexion, dry skin, withering hair, dry nails, numb hands and feet, heart palpitations, forgetfulness, light lip color, weak tongue, weak tongue

Insufficient qi and blood will appear above the above two symptoms.

Some women with qi and blood can also experience symptoms of menstrual disorders such as less menstruation, delay or amenorrhea.


Is qi and blood deficiency and anemia?

Anemia is the concept of Western medicine. As long as we do a full blood analysis, the report can judge immediately.

Qi and blood deficiency are a syndrome of Chinese medicine. As long as we have the evidence we just listed, it can be diagnosed, but people with both qi and blood deficiency may test the whole blood analysis that may be completely normal, and it may really be combined with anemia.


How do women treat qi and blood in daily life?

Most of modern women who are in their careers have a dual burden on family and work, busy with work, and high pressure. If you do n’t pay attention to recuperation, you can prone to qi deficiency, blood deficiency, and even qi and blood deficiency.

We can be divided into 3 parts; the adjustment of lifestyles, Chinese medicine meals, and meridian health care.

Adjustment of lifestyle

The most important thing for the rules of health

We advocate sleeping for noon.

In the evening, I fell asleep before 23 o’clock.why?Because this time is the moment when the yin is the most prosperous, and the yang starts to develop.Yang Qi is born, and the whole body can follow.Falling asleep before 23 o’clock is the yin essence to give birth to yang, forming a virtuous circle.The time is ugly, that is, at 1 o’clock in the morning, when the liver meridian is the order, the liver master hides blood and enters deep sleep, so that the whole body can be nourished.Women are used for blood, menstruation, pregnancy, breastfeeding, leucorrhea, each is closely related to sperm and blood.

At 11:00 noon to noon, because the yang is the most prosperous at this time, the nap time should not be too long, not only waste precious time, but also disturb the human body clock and affect sleep at night.Close your eyes to keep your eyes on the normal transfer of the yin and yang qi of the human body.

Raise the law of sleep to raise women.

Healthy diet

This means that when three meals are fixed, eat foods suitable for their own constitution.

Clinically, we often encounter some menstrual disorders caused by dietary diet; remember that there is a girl in her 20s, come to see the doctor, say that the doctor I have n’t come for 3 months. Is it pregnant?I did n’t check her. The girl said that my menstruation was normal before, why did n’t it come suddenly?Ask in detail, because she was a bit heavy before, diet reduced weight, and she lost 10 pounds within a month; the amenorrhea appeared; this is related to the theoretical theory of women we mentioned earlier.Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the human body’s blood is transformed by absorbing material such as grains, meat, etc., and the material foundation lacks a problem with menstruation that naturally uses blood as a material foundation.

appropriate exercise

Everyone knows that exercise is very good for enhancing the body’s qi and blood;

Proper exercise means that everyone must have their own physical and exercise habits, and insist on performing the way and exercise strength that suits them.This is actually simple, but we find that everyone often needs to practice themselves as soon as they get started with the exercise of fitness bloggers.For example, there are a lot of fat girls in my clinic. In order to become beautiful, I started to run a fitness card and fitness. For the first time, the fitness often tossed myself to scattered the whole body, aerobic anaerobic, and the whole body muscle strain.It even caused the transverse muscle to dissolve, and then there is no more than any more; there are some patients, the qi and blood are more virtual, choose to run and strengthen the body, run for 3 months, the constitution has not improved, but it is more prone to fatigue, sweating, not speaking, no speech, no wordsPowerful, I found out that in order to improve her physical holdings as soon as possible, she runs 4-5 times a week. Each time is more than half an hour, she has to run into her panting and sweat.In fact, this is too much, and it is too anxious.Everyone should start from their own circumstances and slowly draw it. If you do n’t exercise, you can usually start from 10 minutes, 20 hours, and the strength training of 1 group and 2 groups.strength.Excessive exercise consumes qi and blood.

Chinese medicine meals

There is a big principle of women’s nourishing qi and blood. After the menstruation, it is mainly supplemented by nourishing yin and blood.At the same time, it should be dialectically supplemented, and the medicine should be used properly so that we will not appear "virtual non -supplement".

Women have "virtual non -supplementary", which are generally caused by the following situations:

(1) Inappropriate time: In the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the monthly menstrual cycle is divided into four stages: menstrual period, late period, period, and early menstruation.Simply speaking, the entire process of menstruation is essentially a process of changes in qi and blood.During the menstrual period, qi and blood are full of diarrhea.Yang Qi pushed meridian diarrhea.It’s like a cup of water. The menstruation is to pour the water of the cup. After the cup is empty, it is time to add water to the cup. Yin blood is the source of water.Cup, helping the cup tilted out of water.Therefore, after menstruation, qi and blood deficiency are most suitable for qi and blood.Before menstruation, it is generally not appropriate to replenish it casually.

(2) The direction of replenishment is inappropriate: Chinese medicine believes that the constitution of people is different. Although it is prone to lack of qi and blood after menstruation, the medicated diet used in different constitutions is different; there are 9 typesIncluding qi deficiency constitution, yang deficiency constitution, yin deficiency constitution, phlegm dampness constitution, damp heat constitution, blood stasis constitution, qi depression constitution, special constitution, peaceful constitution; conditioning according to different constitutions.

(3) The combination of drugs is not proper: such as Angelica Bloody Blood, but its medicinal taste is warm, and some women like to have Angelica tea to nourish blood, but they will get angry immediately after eating.When you eat angelica, you can get a sore throat as soon as you eat. In fact, it is not necessary to use it. Sometimes it ’s just that the medicine is not properly compatible;

Because the Angelica flavor is warm, it is necessary to use Bai Zhi to restrict its medicinal properties to play a better role; the Baiyan compatibility of the angelica is one of the commonly used blood -nourishing drug pairs.Angelica flavor and warmth, nourishing blood and nourishing blood.The bitterness of the white peony is slightly cold, and the blood supplements the yin.Angelica is fragrant, walking without staying.The soreness of white peony is harvested, and it is not left.The two medicines are paired, but it is not scattered, but it is not sour.

Common foods of qi and blood drugs are homologous foods: Codonopsis, longan, astragalus, jujube, angelica, raw land, five -finger cateria, etc.These foods are delicious and tonic.

Before menstruation, qi and blood are full of blood, and it is advisable to diarrhea.Common foods for qi, qi and medicine are homologous foods: roses, Chenpi, bergamot, green peel, amomum.

There are many delicious ingredients. How to combine it into a beneficial and delicious dish?Cantonese people are the most famous for cooking soup. Today, I will introduce a few beautiful soup here.

Commonly used before menstruation

(1) Boycort and red dates stewed thin meat

Materials: 3 grams of motherwort, 5 red dates, 3 grams of bergamot, 100 grams of lean meat

Efficacy: Activation of blood circulation and menstrual analgesics

Cooking method: Wash the motherwort, wash and cut the lean meat, wash the red dates to go to the nuclear, put it in the stew pot, boil the fire, and simmer for 1.5 ~ 2 hours to season.

The dysmenorrhea caused by blood stasis, stasis of menstrual blood, and pre -milk tenderness are suitable for medicated diet.

(2) Rose tea

Material: Rose 5G soaked water for tea

The rose is slightly bitter and warm, and the most obvious effect is to relieve qi and relieve depression, promote blood circulation, and regulate menstruation.In layman’s terms, it is suitable for the eyebrows, sighs, sighs, breast pain, and menstrual blood clots.However, if there is a lot of heat such as a lot of menstruation, bitter mouth, and constipation, it is not suitable.

Commonly used after menstruation

(1) Siwu Decoction (the most classic blood supplement prescription)

Materials: Angelica 10g, Chuanxiong 10g, Cooked Land 15, Baiji 10.

Efficacy: Blood nourishing and nourishing blood, suitable for women with blood deficiency after menstruation;

(2) Bazhen Decoction (the most classic qi and blood double supplement, consisting of Siwu Decoction+Sijunzi Decoction)

Materials: Angelica 10g, Chuanxiong 10g, Cooked Land 15, Paeonia 10, Codonopsis 15g, Atractylodes 10g, Zhigancao 5, Poria 15g.

Efficacy: Nourish qi nourishing blood, suitable for women who are suitable for qi and blood deficiency after menstruation;

(3) Angelica Ginger and mutton soup

Material: 1000g lamb, 60g of angelica, 100g of ginger.

Efficacy: Warm meridian dispersing cold, nourishing blood nourish blood

Cooking method: After the lamb is cut into pieces, use a pot of boiling water to scald the blood, remove and wash it.After the ginger is washed, cut into pieces, and then flatten it with a kitchen knife; pour 14 glasses of water into the soup pot and heat it for later use.Pour the lamb pieces into the stir -frying pot or the soup pot, add the ginger pieces, stir fry the high heat and heat until the ginger flavor drifted out, then pour into the water, put it in Angelica, cook together, turn it into a low heat, continue to cook for about 2 hours until the flesh is continued until the flesh is continued until the flesh is continued untilIt’s all soft, and finally add salt to season.

This is a classic prescription passed down by Zhang Zhongjing, a famous doctor in the Han Dynasty, which is very helpful to nourish blood in winter.It can be eaten before it is now.It is suitable for women with yang deficiency, blood deficiency, and deficiency. The specific performance is easy to apply hot, cold, chills, and whiteness.If you have dry mouth, sore throat, yellow urination, constipation, don’t use it for the time being.


Materials: 200g lotus root, 30g peanut, 15g of Yuan meat, 20g of red dates, 50g of trotters, 150g of lean meat

Efficacy: Nourish and nourish blood

Cooking method: Wash the lotus root and cut into round pieces; soak the trotters in advance, rinse warm water and cook in the pot for 2-3 hours.Transparent; washing and cutting large pieces of lean meat, removing blood; rinse of peanuts, meta meat, red dates flowing water; put all the ingredients in the soup pot, add 1500ml of water, cook the Wuhuo for 15 minutes and cook for 45-60 minutes; add salt to season.Can.

The sexual effect of lotus root has something to do with its raw maturity: raw crickets to cool blood to remove blood stasis, cooked spleen and qi, nourishing blood and raising muscles.The common peanut functions are not small. Cooked peanuts can be used for spleen deficiency and less nausea. For example, "Medicinal Examination" believes that raw use can moisturize lungs and phlegm, and cooked cooked spleen is appetizing.Peanut pot trotters can help add milk, and can also be used for malnutrition, such as "Food Therapy Porridge" with peanuts and red dates, glutinous rice porridge to treat malnutrition symptoms of spleen and stomach disorders.Yuan meat, red dates nourish the heart and spleen, nourish blood and saze, and are also food therapy medicinal materials commonly used by girls after menstruation.The trotters have a Q bomb, rich in collagen, which is a good choice for soup ingredients.

(5) Red Dame Cinnabar Circles Astramented Astragalus Tea

Materials: astragalus 5g, longan 5g, Xinjiang red dates.

Efficacy: Red dates have been nourishing blood and nourishing liver since ancient times.Astragalus is a good product.Guiyuan has the effects of nourishing and strengthening the body, replenishing the mind, nourishing blood and nourishing the spleen.Those with weak qi and blood are suitable for drinking.

This health tea is mainly nourishing qi and blood, especially suitable for women to drink after menstruation.However, it should be noted that astragalus is warm and medicinal power is rising, while Guangdong is located in Lingnan, and the vitality of damp and humidity can easily lead to heat to help heat.If there is no response and gradually increase, friends who are particularly easy to get angry can also replace astragalus with Codonopsis.

Meridian health

(1) Acupoint massage or moxibustion

It is advisable to use before: Hegu, Taichong.

Hegu acupoint is also known as Tigerkou, which is the Yangming Large Meridian.Between the back of the hand, between the first and second palm bones, when the midpoint of the radial side of the second palm bone.Or use the horizontal lines of the fingers of the thumb of the thumb, placed on the finger edge between the other hand and the index finger, and under the tip of the thumb.

Taichong is the foot of the foot of the foot, located on the back side of the foot, and the depression before the combination of the first and second metatarsal bones.

Hegu and Taichong Four Points are collectively referred to as the Siguan acupoint, which is a key channel for the operation of the human meridian qi and blood.Combining the four acupoints of Hegu and Taichong, we call it "open four levels", which means that the body’s qi and blood runJust like turning on the light switch, these four parts are the part of the switch, so it has the function of systemic adjustment.Massage these four acupoints before menstruation is conducive to menstrual blood abolition.

It should be used after menstruation: Sanyinjiao, blood sea.

Sanyinjiao, the name of the acupuncture point means that the liver, spleen, and kidney three yin meridian qi and blood will be associated here, so it is named Sanyinjiao acupoint.Sanyinjiao directly goes straight up to 3 inches on the tip of the interior, 4 horizontal fingers, and a bone is pressed as a tibia. Sanyinjiao is located at the rear edge of the tibia near the depression of the bone.

The blood sea is the place where the spleen meridian of the feet is the blood of the spleen meridian.

After menstruation, massage these two acupoints can be up to remove the spleen and blood, regulate the liver and kidney.

Method: Gently press the fingertips.Massage time: 5 minutes per acupuncture point, or for 10 minutes of moxibustion of moxa.

Transfer: Guangdong Sanitary Information

Source: Jingshi Health Home

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