How to adjust emotions during pregnancy and maintain psychological balance?

Pregnant woman mood adjustment

Ms. Wu became sensitive and anxious after pregnancy. She always thought about her health.Worried that this can not be eaten, the shoes cannot be worn, and the doctor also said that pregnant women always maintain this emotion on the baby’s health.

So how should you adjust your emotions during pregnancy?How should the symptoms of these emotions be adjusted?

What should I do if there is a situation in pregnant mothers?

1. anxiety

90%of pregnant women will have different degrees of anxiety, annoying their health status, and worrying about the health of the fetus.

How to reduce anxiety?

Pregnant mothers should regularly check the delivery and obey the doctor’s guidance.At the same time, it is necessary to establish a correct concept: pregnancy is a natural physiological phenomenon.Also learn about pregnancy and parenting knowledge to help pregnant mothers understand more physiological knowledge during pregnancy.

And family support is also very important. Pregnant mothers should say their thoughts and doubts, gain support and understanding of the family, and discuss nursery issues together.If there is still anxiety, it is recommended that pregnant mothers communicate with experienced mothers to reduce the fear of childbirth.

Moderate exercise is also a good way to relax and reduce anxiety.

2. Suspicious

Pregnant mothers will have such doubts about themselves and the fetus during pregnancy: which method will choose during childbirth, whether the fetus has malformations or congenital diseases.

So how do pregnant mothers relieve their doubts?

Usually communicate with family or doctors in time in life to relieve the doubts generated.At the same time, positive self -suggestions are used and communicated with friends who are positive.

Do what you like during pregnancy, such as outdoor activities is a good way.

3. Sleep problem

Some pregnant mothers will have the symptoms of insomnia during pregnancy, such as: difficulty in falling asleep (unable to fall asleep for more than half an hour), shallow sleep (easy to wake up, it takes half an hour to fall asleep), poor sleep quality, etc.

How do pregnant mothers improve their sleep?

Drinking a glass of milk or bathing before going to bed will improve the sleep of pregnant mothers.The left side is the best sleeping posture of pregnant women. Using pillows in the middle and late pregnancy to support the abdomen and back will also make pregnant mothers fall asleep as soon as possible.

Listening to soothing music before falling asleep, doing gymnastics and massage will effectively relieve their body and mind, so that pregnant mothers quickly fall asleep under the relaxed mood.

Note: The nap time is about 0.5-1 hours.

How to regulate her emotions in pregnant mothers

1. Venture method

Singing, shopping, exercise, and crying can all vent the emotions of pregnant women.And walking, visiting the aquariums, watching literary performances, and tour botanical gardens are also very suitable for pregnant mothers to relieve their mood.

Note: Do not take too long, do not have too much strength, avoid tiredness.

2. Talking method

Learn to talk about your troubles and find trusted friends, family or professional psychological guidance.

Note: Avoid online chat, suitable environment and time to ensure full rest.

3. Movement hint

Change the living environment: tourism, reorganize home furnishings, and learn new skills can make pregnant mothers transfer their emotions.Usually do more positive psychological suggestions and self -regulation can also relieve the body and mind of pregnant mothers.

Taste your favorite food during pregnancy will feel a pleasant feeling, and secrete substances that can enhance immunity.

4. Change the cognitive method

Looking at one thing at multiple angles, you can see both bad aspects and positive aspects.Changes can be changed, acceptable to accept, and separate the two with their own wisdom.

How to support family and prospective dad

1. Careful quasible mother

During pregnancy, expectant dads can help expectant mothers to massage and relax their body and mind, so that expectant mothers have a feeling of being taken care of.

2. Companion and listening

Listen more and accompany you to distract the pregnant mothers. For example, telling them stories, jokes, and music will have a good effect.

If the pregnant mother has a strange psychological condition and affects the physical condition, it is recommended to go to the hospital for a comprehensive physical examination to avoid accidents.

Guidance expert

Ma Zhongqiu

Obstetric director

Former Director of the Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Haidian District, Beijing.


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