How to buy the insurance insurance in the United States?How to choose the danger that suits you at present?

Abstract: During this time, several customers asked me to insure pregnancy in pregnancy. Some who went to the United States and gave birth to children, some in private hospitals in China. Due to the impact of the epidemic, there was no customer insured for a long period of time.Let’s analyze this type of insurance in detail, disassemble, and sort out insurance suggestions. I hope to help expectant mothers and friends in need, thank you.

I am very proficient and experienced about going to the United States for pregnancy. I have done a full -time high -end medical insurance agent who has been doing more than 3 years before.The high -end medical insurance of the Ministry of International Department is very proficient in whether it is the product’s product familiarity, the research, and the claims.

After the team, our team will continue to update the product database every month, and the latest policies, details, etc.To give customers, more professional, and precise information, it also gives team partners more professional training and timely update of products.

Next, let’s talk about today’s focus. A section of high -end medical care, giving birth to child pregnancy in the United States:

At present, due to the impact of the epidemic, several previous products for pregnancy are stopped. At present, only MC3 plans that can be insured for the time being.Let’s talk about MSH company:

Wan Xinhe (Shanghai) Enterprise Service Company ("Wan Xinhe") was established in 2001 and ranked first in China’s high -end health insurance service field.As the largest high -end health insurance management service provider in the country, we have more than 2,000 corporate customers, including a number of Fortune 500 companies.Our headquarters and operation centers are located in Shanghai, with representative offices of Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu Branch and Dalian, Wuhan, and Suzhou.Our main business is to provide high -end insurance products and services for corporate and personal customers.Wan Xinhe is the headquarters of the Asia -Pacific region of MSH International.

Next, let’s talk about this plan in detail:

A total of 3 plans in pregnancy insurance,

1) This solution is limited to customers who are pregnant.The age of the insured is 18 to 40 years old.

2) Insurance period: 45 days (plan 1) after childbirth, 30 days after childbirth (plan 2) and 10 days after childbirth (Plan 3) in insurance liability.

3) The premium payment method needs to be paid at one time.

4) Underwriting rules: The insured must undergo medical underwriting.

5) Utjuds: During the insurance period, the insurer did not have any claims and the baby was not born.If the effective date of effectiveness is calculated 90.

No claims and babies are not born within a natural day, and a certificate of refusal or repatriation can be provided, which can apply for a full surrender.

6) The maintenance responsibility is mainly the mothers’ pregnancy complications, and the medical expenses incurred by the number of days after the birth of the baby.

Then, talk about my experience:

1. Insured within 34 weeks of pregnancy, and do not accept multi -child test tubes (can be received in a single child);

2. If in order to obtain a guarantee, recommendation plan two, if only for visa, recommendation plan three;

3. Talk about the differences between the three plans:

Plan 1, guarantee the most complete, high -end version of pregnancy, there are 10,000 output and expenses, and 80,000 cesarean section, but the cesarean section must be paid by 25%.

Planning two is suitable for a wider face, moderate price, and 2 million insured, which is also the most insured.

Plan three, the lowest insurance amount, the cheapest premium.

4. In order not to delay face-to-face visas or log in to the United States, it is recommended to submit applications at least 15-20 natural daily daily days in advance.

Let’s take a look at the situation of the pregnancy preparation version:

1) This solution is limited to customers who are not pregnant.The age of the insured is 18 to 40 years old.

2) This insurance only covers the insured (including a single or multi -birth).IVF is not covered by coverage.

3) Insurance period: insurance liability within 30 days after the effective date to childbirth.The validity period of the policy is not more than 12 months.If it exceeds the validity period of insurance and has not yet delivered, the insured needs to be renewed to continue to be guaranteed.

4) Underwriting rules: The insured without pregnancy is underwritten in accordance with the rules of MSH medical insurance. The insured person who is pregnant during the policy period does not need to undergo medical underwriting, and the renewal insurance also applies this rule.

5) The premium payment method must be paid at one time.

6) Insurance: During the insurance period, the insurer did not have any claims and the baby was not born.

Next, share the specific list of complications that everyone is very concerned about:

Finally, share the claims:

a. Non -direct payment hospital expense reimbursement method: go to the hospital for treatment and pay the medical amount by themselves;

b. And insurance agent or customer service requires the "claims application form" to prepare claims materials, including:

1. Fill in the complete and signature claims (medical records and other medical data copies can replace the claims form B side B)

2. Original invoice (including the details; the invoice of the clinic, please issue the name on the insured’s insurance card)

3. A copy of the valid ID (only required for the first time the claims are submitted)

4. Prescription (if there is) -Net required drug names and dosage

5. Copy (hospitalized) for medical records or discharged somptures, please mail the claims to us or claims center within 180 days.

Instead of claiming information outside the mainland and less than RMB 3,000.

After receiving your claims, the insurance company issues a SMS notification and issued an email to confirm the claims on your claims.Complete claims will be completed within 5 working days.

The following is the method of applying for direct payment:

If you choose the Self-Pay payment model, when the insurance that needs to be paid is more than your cash payment capacity, please contact MSH China as soon as possible, and provide cost bills and related claim materials, as well as hospital bank accountsinformation.In the case of the hospital’s permission, the claims of more than 10,000 US dollars (including $ 10,000) can be paid directly to the hospital through the form of remittance by MSH China.

That’s it for sharing. For more problems, we can also communicate.All I know, I know that I know everything, and if I do n’t know, I will also maintain the mentality of lifelong learning, witness each other with everyone, grow up for life, thank you.

Me: Senior independent insurance agent, with the mentality of long -termism, doing things in the same way, serious, responsible, professional service every customer who trusts me.The three -year high -end medical insurance agent’s experience, the partner of the Ming Asian insurance agent and MDRT, are more positive and grow up with each customer for life.

We: High -quality teams that provide comprehensive risk management services for new urban middle -class homes and medium -to -high net worth customers, have rich product consulting experience and perfect training system.Members of teams have graduated from first -class universities such as Central Finance and Economics University, Wudaokou Financial College of Tsinghua University, Tsinghua University, and Sun Yat -sen University. They have worked in Fortune 500 foreign companies/state -owned enterprises/bank/government agencies.Volunteers are welcome to serve more customers with customer needs and customer needs with us.

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