How to calculate during pregnancy?These little tricks teach you to calculate more accurate

For women who are a mother for the first time, more or less will be full of joy and anxiety.

At the same time, the prospective mother must be curious when the baby is pregnant and when the baby is born?

Many people are more curious about how to count on pregnancy. How to learn about the time of conception? Let’s take a look at the introduction of the calculation method during pregnancy.

What the expectant mothers need to know is that the baby’s real birth date and birth date are almost impossible to calculate accurately.

The calculation during pregnancy is related to ovulation, and the ovulation period is based on the last menstruation of expectant mothers.

The calculation of pregnancy is not 100 % accurate, it is only about time, but the error of this time will not be very large, and the difference between the front and rear will not exceed two weeks.

How to calculate the algorithm during pregnancy

1. The calculation method of the number of days of pregnancy

The calculation of the number of days of pregnancy is also the big calculation of the baby for several months.

The number of days of pregnancy should be from the first day of the last menstruation, until the current time.

In other words, if the last menstrual period coming for expectant mothers is October 2, and today is November 3rd. If you have been determined to be pregnant, the number of pregnancy days so far is 33 days.

2. Calculation method of due date

Different menstruation causes the time of fertilized eggs to bed.

Therefore, the expected period of the expected period can calculate this way: if women who have menstruation every three weeks, the deadline for pregnancy should be 280 minus 1 week, which is 39 weeks.

Women with menstruation everywhere are normal for 280 days, that is, 40 weeks; women who have menstruation once every five weeks should be 280 days for 1 week, which is 41 weeks.

3. Calculation method throughout pregnancy

According to medical regulations, if the due date is calculated on the first day of the first menstrual period, the entire pregnancy time is 280 days, 10 pregnancy months, and each pregnancy month is 28 days.

However, because the menstrual cycle of each expectant mother is different, the expected due date and the actual due date are generally about 1-2 weeks.

Therefore, expectant mothers to give birth between 38-42 weeks of pregnancy belong to the full-moon delivery.

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