How to calculate the pregnancy time?Through this method, the due date can be roughly estimated

The birth of the child is the continuation of the family. From pregnancy, pregnancy, to the final delivery, each stage is the focus of family attention.After knowing that you are pregnant, you want to know the baby’s due date. At this time, the doctor will calculate a about date based on the pregnant woman’s last menstrual period.In addition to the last menstrual method, there is also body temperature observation method, fetal movement prediction method, and B -ultrasound anomalic estimation method.

The pregnancy time stipulated in medicine is from the first day of the last menstrual cycle. The total pregnancy time is 280 days, and it is simply recorded as 10 pregnancy months (40 weeks of pregnancy).The specific operation method of the last menstrual calculation is the last monthly menstrual month plus 9 or 3 days plus 7 days.For example, the last menstrual cycle is September 22, 2018, and the due date is June 29, 2019.

However, many women’s menstrual cycle irregularities cannot accurately calculate the time of pregnancy with the last menstrual period.In fact, you can also calculate the time of pregnancy based on the date of fetal movement.Generally speaking, fetal movement starts at 18-20 weeks in the early pregnancy, so the expected period of the calculation of fetal movement is to push the initial maternal for 20 weeks back. After the maternal push the entire pregnancy time backwards for 22 weeks, the due date is the due date.As well as

Of course, the most scientific calculation of pregnancy time is judged by physical examination. The common medical method is B -ultrasound.Doctors can estimate the age of the fetus by measuring the length of the fetal head and hip, the length of the femur and the diameter of the head, and then calculate the pregnancy time and the expected delivery date.However, the due date is not certain that it will happen on this day, and the birth time before and after the due date is within the normal range.The due date can remind you of a safe birth time, but do not take the due date as the accurate birth time.Only 5%of expectant mothers can produce on time.

3 weeks before the due date, 2 weeks after the due date, that is, 37-42 weeks, are all monthly delivery, and 80%of pregnant women will give birth during this period.Some babies were born 37 weeks ago and belong to premature birth.In addition, 3-15%of babies have not started production after two weeks of due date, which is called expired pregnancy.If you have not produced 41 weeks of pregnancy, you should go to the hospital to observe in time. The hospital will first check your last menstrual cycle and expected birth date.If it is confirmed, according to comprehensive analysis of fetal safety, fetal location and size, cervical maturity, etc., decide whether to terminate pregnancy, and choose the appropriate childbirth method, such as promoting cervical maturity, induction of labor or cesarean section, it is best to produce 42 weeks ago.

Of course, it is determined that the date of pregnancy can accurately calculate the expected delivery date, and it will be extra careful when giving birth, so as not to be surprised when it is about to be cooked.In addition, the most accurate pregnancy time is based on the hospital’s examination report, and more attention is required.

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