How to check in infertility?These organs have to be checked, and there is a lack of one

Infertility is worried about many women. Especially in life, some women have prepared for a long time but they cannot conceive naturally, causing them to be overwhelming and anxious.In fact, there are reasons for women’s infertility. Once there is a case, as long as the relevant examination is performed, the conception rate can be increased, and there is a baby who belongs to themselves. Many women may not know what inspections are performed during infertility. Generally speakingneed.

1. vagina

The vagina is one of the first organs that need to be checked. The vaginal routine examination is required to eliminate whether there is inflammation and infection. If inflammation or pathogen experience will increase the white blood cells, sperm will be directly devoured when entering the vagina.

2. Cervical mouth

There is no problem after the vaginal examination, and the cervical mouth is required, because the sperm phase and egg binding need to pass the cervix mouth, and if the cervix is abnormal, it will cause the sperm to not pass smoothly, and it will affect the surrogacy ability.

3. Donattage

The fallopian tube is also one of the organs that need to be checked. Because the eggs are discharged through the fallopian tube, the sperm also needs to be returned to the uterus after combining with the egg.Methods into the uterus through this pipeline.

4. Palace

After the successful combination of sperm and eggs, fertilized eggs will be formed, and the fertilized eggs will reach the uterus to develop and form a fetus through the fallopian tube.Development will also occur, so the uterus is also one of the organs that need to be checked.

5. Pelvic cavity

Although the pelvic cavity is inconspicuous, it is the most prone to reproductive organs. It is easily infected and caused inflammation or adhesion. If these conditions are existing, it will affect other organs, such as fallopian tubes.For abnormalities, there are problems with fallopian tubes. Women’s pregnancy ability will decrease or infertility.

6. Endocrine system

Most women ignore the endocrine system. It is believed that conception is an organ problem, which has nothing to do with endocrine. However, if the hormone of the body is abnormal, the female menstruation will cause abnormal menstruation, and ovulation will be hindered.Essence

7. Immune system

If there are no problems after the above test, the immune system is investigated, because at present, some women have anti -sperm antibodies, and sperm will be directly killed after entering the female body as a foreign invasion. In this case, it will be killed. In this caseWomen will be infertile directly.

Warm reminder that women can know the specific reasons if they find these infertility, and take measures to satisfy their desire to be a mother.However, we must also know that we need to maintain a good lifestyle in daily life and control it within the normal range to get high -quality eggs and increase the chance of conception.

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