How to confirm whether you are pregnant?If the body has these symptoms, it may be pregnant

How long can I detect after "holding a room"?At least one to two weeks of pregnancy test!Even if you use the most effective contraceptive methods, there will always be errors.After all, fertilized eggs only need one sperm.After a period of time, women need to conduct pregnancy tests to determine whether they are pregnant.

If a woman has the following symptoms, it may be pregnant.It’s best to do a pregnancy test to determine!

1. Menstrual delay

The first and most reliable signs of pregnancy are menstrual delay. If you do not record your cycle carefully, it is difficult to determine whether menstruation is delayed.Most women’s menstrual cycles are 28 days.If the last menstruation has been more than a month, you can consider doing a check.Of course, due to stress, diet, exercise or certain health conditions, menstruation sometimes delayed or extended.

2. Breast discomfort

As the number of pregnancy days increases, the body will produce more and more estrogen and progesterone, and they begin to change the body to support the growth of the fetus.With the increase of blood flow, the breasts may become softer and larger, bigger and bigger, the nipples may look different, and the veins under the skin may look deeper.Because many women feel breast discomfort a few days before menstruation, this symptom does not always mean pregnancy.

3. Obvious physical discomfort

With the increase of the number of pregnancy days, the body may have the following situations: nausea, anorexia, exhaustion, frequent urination, etc.Over time, these symptoms may become stronger before the HCG level is rising, even in the early stages of pregnancy.Only you can fully understand yourself, so you should pay special attention to your body.Any abnormal physical symptoms may promote women’s pregnancy tests.

4. Emotional changes during early pregnancy

During pregnancy, estrogen and progesterone levels will be high.This increase will affect personal emotions and make women more emotional or more passive than usual.Emotional fluctuations are very common during pregnancy

It can cause depression, anger and anxiety.

5. Contracence failure

Contraceptives, condoms and other types of contraceptives cannot provide 100%protection for pregnant women.In other words, no matter how careful you are, the chance of pregnancy is always small.Despite contraceptive preferences, if you encounter any symptoms listed above, you should consider doing a pregnancy test.

Human abuse of contraceptives may also cause accidental pregnancy.It is difficult for contraceptives to remember to take it every day.If you do not take it according to the instructions, 9 of each 100 women are pregnant.The condom may be ruptured or improper. According to the survey, every 100 women who rely on condom contraception are pregnant every year.If you are worried about the failure of contraception, consult your doctor other contraceptive methods, such as in -palaces.The survey shows that less than 1/100 of women who use the in -palace -saving device each year.

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