How to cough in pregnant women can relieve five dishes

In winter, do n’t many pregnant mothers feel that the body is very dry from the inside out, especially the throat, especially the temperature difference between morning and evening, and the body is more likely to get sick.If you do n’t pay attention to it, you can catch a cold, and the most often shows cough.

The cough of pregnant mothers is a big deal. On the one hand, she has to hold her stomach, cough and dare not force hard, fearing that it will affect the baby, especially the prospective mothers in the third trimester, if they cough too much or too fierce, it will increase the abdominal pressure increase.It is easy to cause premature birth.On the other hand, it itchy throat, especially when sleeping at night, and dare not take medicine at will. It is really hard.Can the expectant mother only be "tossing" when they encounter a cough?

Of course not, if the expectant mother coughs is really powerful, they must find a doctor to solve it, explain to them that they are pregnant, and take medicine under the guidance of a doctor, because some cough medicines affect the baby.Can’t take medicine without authorization.Another more secure way is to relieve cough discomfort through diet therapy.

Cough Recommended Food Treatment: Ginger Egg Soup

Materials: 1 egg, 2 slices of ginger.


1. Ginger cut filaments.

2. After the iron pot is heated, use a little oil to fry the eggs to golden yellow, add ginger, add an appropriate amount of boiled water, cook for 5-6 minutes, cook it into half a bowl, and season with salt.

Tips for dietary therapy: Ginger egg soup has a relief effect on relieving cold cough caused by wind and cold.

Cough recommended food therapy: salty kumquat sugar tea

Materials: 2 salted kumquats, 10 ml of honey.


1. Select salted kumquats with salt (preferably more than 1 year) to smash it.

2. After smashing, add half a bowl of boiling water and honey to brew.

3. The pregnant mother can just drink it slowly.

Tips for dietary therapy: salty kumquat sugar tea has a relief effect on relieving cold cough caused by wind and cold.

Cough recommended food therapy: Tremella stewed rock sugar

Materials: 10 grams of Tremella, the right amount of rock sugar.


1. Soak the white fungus with water and remove the hard pitch.

2. Cut the Tremella into a small flower and put it in a bowl with rock sugar.

3. Add an appropriate amount of boiling water and simmer for 1 hour by water.

Tips for dietary therapy: Tremella stewed rock sugar is helpful for relieving dry cough, which can clear the lungs and moisturize.

Cough Recommended Food Treatment: Stew Stew Orange

Materials: 1-2 sweet oranges, a little salt.


1. Cut 1/4 of the upper part of the orange, put a little salt, and cover.

2. Put the orange in the bowl and simmer for 5 minutes from the water to peel and eat orange meat.

Tips for dietary therapy: Stewed oranges can help dry cough, which is a nourishing therapy prescription in autumn.

Cough Recommended Food Therapy: Bird Porridge

Materials: 10 grams of bird’s nest, 100 grams of rice, right amount of rock sugar.


1. Soak the bird’s nest for 4 hours to remove impurities.

2. Use an appropriate amount of water to cook the rice until bloom, then add the bird’s nest, and cook slowly for half an hour.

3. Finally, add a small amount of rock sugar to season, and cook for a while to eat.

Tips for dietary therapy: Bird’s nest porridge has a relief effect on cough caused by lung and spleen deficiency.

The expectant mother coughs, be sure not to eat spicy, irritating, and sweet food, pay attention to rest, keep the indoor air, but less blows, otherwise they will increase cough again because of the cold again.

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