How to deal with hepatitis B patients in pregnancy and precautions?

Once young people step into the palace of marriage, they will look forward to having a healthy baby soon, so pregnant and having children will be very eager to be a young couple.However, for those of patients with hepatitis B, some precautions for pregnancy are very important.What are the patients with hepatitis B in pregnancy and what are the precautions?

Pregnancy was a happier thing, but some pregnant women were worried during pregnancy. Pregnant women with hepatitis B were worried about whether they would have any problems? Is there any risk of pregnancy in patients with hepatitis B? Pregnant women with hepatitis B andWhat is the difference between normal pregnant women? Can pregnant women with hepatitis B during pregnancy? Will hepatitis B vaccine affect the fetus?

Is there a risk of pregnancy in patients with hepatitis B?

The risk of pregnancy is not very large. Only the liver function is normal. No matter what the hepatitis B is, you can get pregnant and have children.All women infected with hepatitis B virus must accept follow -up immune prevention to prevent these viruses from developing into chronic infections in infants.If hepatitis B can conceive, hepatitis B does not have special effects therapy. It is recommended to check liver merit. As long as the liver skills are checked normally, do not worry about 3 months before pregnancy.Pleasant mentality

Hepatitis B virus carriers are risky, because pregnancy will increase the burden on the liver. During the pregnancy, the metabolites of the fetus must also be metabolized by the mother’s liver.EssenceHepatitis B virus is not just infectious, the key is to destroy liver cells.And there is no drug at present to completely remove hepatitis B virus in the body. Once the infection often becomes chronic infection of life.Infected hepatitis B virus, hepatitis B trilogy will occur.These trilogy is hepatitis -liver cirrhosis -liver cancer.

What to do if patients with hepatitis B are pregnant

Pregnant women carrying hepatitis B virus, it is best to go to the hospital for immunoglobulin and hepatitis B immunoglobulin during pregnancy during pregnancy, which can reduce the risk of infection to the child.The newborn is injecting a hepatitis B immunoglobulin within 48 hours after birth, and then one injecting one in two weeks, and then the hepatitis B vaccine is used, and the protection rate of the baby can reach 70%-90%.

Hepatitis B carriers, when you are pregnant, monitor liver function and hepatitis B DNA regularly. If the virus volume is too high, 6 regions greater than 10 should be blocked at 24 to 28 weeks.Vaccine and hepatitis B immunoglobulin, without the influence of maternal and infant transmission, use the following methods to block maternal and infant transmission: After the baby is born and one month after birth, the hepatitis B immunoglobulin and hepatitis B vaccine are injected together to effectively effectiveProtect the fetus.As long as the mother’s nipples have no rupture and bleeding, breast milk can be fed.Mother will wash her hands with soap and water before contacting the child.

How to deal with hepatitis B patients in pregnancy, after seeing these precautions, you must know it.In fact, patients with hepatitis B patients are not very risk for pregnancy, but please also pay attention to these female friends. Follow -up immune prevention is very critical, so as to prevent hepatitis B virus from developing into chronic infection in infants.However, hepatitis B virus carriers have certain risks. The above will tell you some preventive measures. I hope friends can refer to it.In addition, obeying the doctor’s suggestion, it is also a good choice for protecting the fetus.

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