How to deal with pregnancy vomiting, puffy foot, left side difficulty, tail pain and accidental abdominal bumps?

Pregnancy is a very important period for women, and it is also the most nervous period for pregnant mothers. I am afraid that what will happen in their bodies and affect the development of the fetus. In fact, there is no need to be too nervous.There may be trouble.Today, let’s talk about those troubles that you might encounter during pregnancy and how to solve these troubles. Moms mothers need to take notes.

Annoying trouble during pregnancy

Pregnancy is the problem that mothers have the most vomiting during pregnancy. When the pregnancy vomiting is severe, they must vomit eight or nine times a day. I can’t get up with the toilet at night.In the end, it may even vomit blood. Severe pregnancy is not just harmful to pregnant women itself, it is also very unfavorable to the development of the fetus.

In terms of pregnant women itself, pregnancy vomiting can damage the stomach and esophagus mucosa, leading to digestive tract bleeding; it will cause imbalanced hydroproysia, metabolic acid poisoning, and even life -threatening; in terms of fetal development, pregnancy vomiting can cause fetal malnutrition and slow development of development.Or abnormal; even the fetus will be squeezed and frightened, affecting nerve and character development.So how do mothers need to deal with pregnant mothers?

First of all, it is recommended to eat a small amount of meals and a light diet. Do not eat high -fat, greasy fried foods. It is too spicy and stimulating to greasy food.If you really vomit, you can cooperate with vitamin B6.

Secondly, the way to alleviate pregnancy than adjusting the diet is faster. The Chinese medicine massage Neiguan acupoints. The Neiguan acupoint belongs to the hand Jueyin Heart Bao Jingluo Point. By stimulating the Neiguan acupoint to stimulate the qi of the middle coke and achieve the purpose of stopping vomiting.The Neiguan acupoint is located between the middle of the horizontal line of the wrist and the side wrist flexor and the palm long tendon.The specific massage method is to merge the index finger and middle finger. The two fingers pressed the Nei Guan acupoint 300 times, each controlled within 15 minutes, three times a day.

However, during pregnancy, it is not realistic that the pregnant woman’s massage or relatives and friends around him to massage. In fact, the best solution is to use the pregnancy nursinger and wear it directly on the wrist massage.Massage the Neiguan acupoints with a pregnancy nursing device to effectively reduce the number of seizures of pregnancy and reduce the severity of pregnancy.

However, it is important to pay attention to identifying fakes when choosing a pregnancy vomiting care device. One is no electric function. Only one raised continuously oppressed on the wrist. It is not a massage but an acupoint.Swell and numb.There is also a very cumbersome when used. You must apply electrical gel in advance, which is easy to make the skin of the pregnant mother’s wrist cracked. Be careful.

Tail vertebral pain during pregnancy

The problem of tail vertebrae is also distressed by many pregnant mothers. The best way to alleviate the pain is not to touch the pain of pain to prevent oppression.When sleeping, you should use the production section side pad to make the body and the bed 30 degrees, and maximize the stress of the wide back to avoid compressing the tail vertebra flat flat.The left side can also relieve the compression of the vein return of the uterus. In addition to helping the fetus development and preventing the umbilical cord from around the neck, the blood flow of the tail vertebrae is also increased to accelerate the relief of tail vertebral pain.

Medical -level obstetrics side -bed pads, the position of the back of the back should be a crystal wire -breathable material to avoid sullen sweat from the back of the back.The bottom should be non -slip to prevent pregnant women from being sleeping and turning and shifting.To have a knee support pad to help pregnant women straighten the spine, it will also help relieve tail vertebral pain.Medical -level obstetrics side -bed mats are matched with the hospital bed. It can be carried to the hospital for use. The most important days for the days of admission to be given birth must be prevented from supine syndrome and umbilical cord around the neck.

Ordinary pregnant women’s pillows are just a large plush toy. They are flat when they are pressed. They cannot maintain 30 degrees of support. Not only can it be unable to alleviate tail vertebral pain, it is also easy to induce supine syndrome to cause fetal hypoxia.The surrounding shape is stuffy and breathable, and it is easy to induce rash in summer. Due to the fetal, the dermatologist is quite tricky.The volume is larger than the hospital’s bed, and it cannot be taken to the hospital when giving birth.

Regardless of whether it is prenatal or after delivery, during daily sitting, you can use obstetric pads to hang the tail vertebra. If there is a side cutting after birth, the suspended air -breathable side cutting wound can greatly relieve pain and accelerate the wound healing.The obstetric breathability cushion that meets the medical standards must have a breathable tract or a full -breathable crystal silk material, and it is equipped with a compressed platform. On the one hand, it can press the side -cut wound to accelerate., Prevent pregnant women hemorrhoids.There are many fakes. Generally, there are no hidden breathability or a full -breathable crystal silk material. It is not equipped with compression platforms. The support and height cannot meet the medical standards. Be careful.

Postpartum tail vertebral pain and side pain can use obstetric phototherapy lights to accelerate deep tissue blood circulation and accelerate inflammation to the decline of inflammation through infrared rays, thereby accelerating the pain and relieving.

Both feet during pregnancy edema

The poor veins of pregnant women cause puffiness in the feet. Ordinary socks grab the veins of the ankle, worsening the snow. In addition to the pregnant woman feels numb, the blood circulation is not smooth, which also adversely affects the development of the fetus.The original ordinary socks are no longer applicable, and they need to wear puffy socks.Obstetrics that meet the medical standards are that the socks are not coatless, and the height exceeds 7cm to avoid the ankle vein, does not hinder the return of blood, and relieve edema.The toes wireless bone, will not grind your feet.And independent sterilization seal packaging can avoid contamination by germs during transportation and storage, with antibacterial materials, and can continue to prevent foot infection.Fake goods cannot meet the medical standards. There are rubber bands in the mouth of the socks. The socks are only 4cm.Wired bones of the toes, which are easy to wear the skin with edema and edema of pregnant women. There are no antibacterial materials, no sterilization, and the packaging is not sealed. It must be careful!

Women’s pregnancy is very hard, and immunity will be reduced during pregnancy. Therefore, care must be carefully carefully and careful during pregnancy. In addition to the above problems, you may also face several other troublesProblems such as inconvenience, external radiation, and accidental bumps should prepare a pregnancy care package in advance, including medical cleaner irrigation and cleaning secretions, obstetric protective clothing to respond to accidental abdominal bumps and radiation.Essence


1. There are many challenges during pregnancy. Pregnant mothers need to do their homework before heaven, and learn more about relevant knowledge in order to actively respond to various conditions.

2. Light diet, eat less meals, and wear a pregnancy -induced care device can effectively relieve pregnancy and make the pregnant mothers be embarrassed away from pregnancy.

3. The obstetric side pad can help pregnant mothers maintain the left side of the left side and reduce the pain of tail vertebral bone pain

4. Both feet edema need to wear edema socks. The socks have no rubber bands, and the height exceeds 7cm to avoid the ankle vein, does not hinder blood flow, and relieve edema.

5. As a key protection target of the whole family, pregnant mothers are very important during pregnancy. It is best to prepare for pregnancy care packs. It can respond to various problems during pregnancy, such as more secretions, difficulty on the left side, severe pregnancy, tail spine pain, Accidental abdominal bumps and radiation, puffy feet, etc.

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