How to deal with the peak of peaks and pregnant women?10 key points, you must know

Today, various provinces and cities are experiencing or going through the first wave of infection!

Many young "positive" infected patients appeared in the statement and published their symptoms and feelings after being attacked by the virus.

Sorrow, coughing nasal congestion, and doubtful life, the later symptoms are also frequent.

Young people with good immunity are still so difficult to treat their condition.

Those who have weak resistance, the consequences of infection are really worrying.

Especially elderly people, patients with basic diseases, as well as children and pregnant women.

If you have a basic disease, will the new crown be aggravated?Will pregnant women infection affect the fetus?

These real questions may be the issue that these "fragile people" are worried.

So Shu Jun prepared the answer guide for this different group of people, hoping to provide some help when you need it.

Old man

In our country, the elderly should give more attention as an important and huge group to prevent new crowns infection.

Because in addition to their bodies low -aging immunity, the elderly have relatively little understanding of the new crown, which can easily cause panic. Even after infection, they take medicine due to nervousness, causing irreparable losses.

In response to this situation, the elderly group from prevention to infected treatment, these five key points of the elderly and their families, it is best to know:

1. Facing the first wave of peaks of the new crown virus, it is necessary to popularize the course and treatment method to the elderly;

They are incomplete to information, and their understanding of Omikon is not as good as young people. At this time, do my homework, but first do it.

2. Complete 3 needle vaccination, especially elderly people.

According to Xia Gang, the director of the Department of Health Immunization of the State CDC:

"Overall, the vaccination rate of the elderly in my country is not low, but the levels of different ages are large, and the vaccination rate of elderly people over 80 years of age is low."

The new crown vaccine is more obvious to protect the elderly over 80 years old.

In Hong Kong, my country, the mortality rate for the elderly over 80 years old who have not been vaccinated is 14.67%; after the vaccination of 3 stitches, the mortality rate is reduced to 1.66%.

3. Leave a young man with the elderly. It is best not to let the elderly take care of each other.

The first choice after infection is still home care, but family members must invest more and more detailed observations.

4. How to judge the elderly at home, do you need to go to the hospital?

First of all, make risk judgments to the physical condition of TA, and the family can do it;

(Source: Huashan infection)

Once the infection, once respiratory disorders, physical activity disorders, unclear consciousness, severe fluctuations in blood pressure and blood sugar, continuous high fever, rapid heart rate fluctuations, etc., are required for severe custody or emergency rescue. They must be sent to the hospital as soon as possible.

5. New crowns with basic diseases infect the elderly, retain the principles of "symptomatic treatment".

What medicine should be taken to take for basic diseases? On this basis, the fever, cough or headache caused by the new crown infection can be treated.

But it should be noted that the two types of medicine must not have conflicts.

If there is no conflict between the drugs, you can consult a professional doctor through telephone or online consultation.

Near the end of the year, the returning staff of the foreign workers also recommend staying for a few days before visiting the elderly and wearing a mask when I go.

The later the infection is delayed, the more it can help them "defeat" the virus for the elderly.

Children’s article

According to epidemiological analysis:

After children’s infection of Omikon, they are mostly mild and asymptomatic, and they recover within 2-5 days.

By asking friends who have children and infected, they know that the symptoms of children are indeed lighter than that of adults.

But there is a possible sudden state: thermal rigidity, parents and friends still have to know.

It occurs mostly within 24 hours of fever or a short time before fever. At this time, the body temperature rises and faster, and it is more likely to cause body or local muscle convulsions.

Parents should pay more attention to parents who have had simple thermal septic in the past.

Once the child’s convulsions are found, the correct measures can be taken quickly and effectively.

First: Let the child lie flat in a safe and ventilated place, and the head is biased towards one side to facilitate the discharge of vomit.Then wipe the vomit as soon as possible to avoid misconduct.

Second: Clean up the things around the child, unbutton the clothes of TA, help heat dissipation, and keep this posture in most cases to return to normal in 1-5 minutes.

Third: If the convulsions for more than 5 minutes, it is recommended to call 120 in time; it is best to dial 120 directly in infants and young children within 3 months.

(Picture source network)

After speaking of sudden conditions, children also need to pay more attention to the use of medication after preventing virus and infection:

1. At present, the vaccine cannot cover children under the age of 3. For children under the age of 3, they can indirectly reduce the risk of children’s infection through the guardian and co -residents.

2. Children who are young are symptoms and doctors should ask the doctor.

For babies of less than 2 months, it is recommended to seek medical treatment in time;

For more than 2 months, children of less than 6 months can take the right medicine Tynolin (to acetaminol);

For infants and young children over 6 months, you can take Merrillin (ibuprofen) and Tynolin (to acetaminol).

(Source: Beijing Daily)

In the peak of infection, some outpatient clinics have already appeared "medical extruded". During this period, avoiding children from infection can avoid the risk of seeking the disease, which greatly helps children to go out of this winter smoothly.

Maternity article

Seeing such a message, it should be said that many pregnant women’s current voice:

"As an elderly pregnant woman, I am really difficult to calm. Now there are ‘sheep’ around me. Director Zhang Wenhong said that there are still 2-4 months to pass. I am really scared."

These expectant mothers are not afraid of the virus, but after they are afraid of infection with the new crown, the virus will have a bad effect on the baby in the belly.

Will the new crown infected with a pregnant woman infected to the child?

How to deal with infection during pregnancy?

After the infection of pregnant women, it happens to be produced. Can she still breastfeed newborns?

These three questions made key answers in turn:

1. According to the data of Uptodate (UPTODATE is a clinical decision -making support system based on evidence -based medical principles), the total incidence of congenital infection of newborn is less than 2%, which also includes some cases of infection in infection after birth.

In other words, if the pregnancy is sunny, the probability of infection in the virus palace is also very low, and it is almost not transmitted to the baby.

2. After infection, you do n’t have to panic. You can treat it as appropriate according to the severe symptoms. Generally, you can cure: An asymptomatic pregnant woman, what needs to be done is to do a good job of isolation protection measures and monitor the development of the disease. Generally speaking, no special treatment is required.Mild pregnant women, only fever and cough, have no breathing, can be at home for 2 weeks.Symptoms are more serious, such as fever, dry throat, sore throat, nasal congestion, runny nose, etc. affect sleep or normal life, you can use some drugs to relieve symptoms, or seek medical treatment in time, and take medicine under the guidance of a doctor.What medicines can be taken with severe symptoms?

Fever, headache, sore throat: can be used for acetylphenol;

Cough, sputum: edible honey, hard sugar;

Nasal congestion, runny nose: physiological saline and sea salt water nasal spray can be used.

(Source: Dr. Lilac)

3. New crown -positive pregnant women can also be breastfeed.

Breast milk contains breast milk antibodies and other anti -infective factors. Babies may consume antibodies and cause passive immunity to the virus.

However, it is recommended to take appropriate infection prevention and control measures after feeding.

There are basic diseases

I often see people seeking "experience" on the Internet in the past two days:

What are the symptoms after the people with basic diseases?

In fact, the concerns of these netizens are not unreasonable.

Patients with basic diseases are one of the dangerous people who are infected with new coronary viruses.

In basic diseases, especially those with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, tumors, chronic renal dysfunction, etc., the risk of complications will be higher after infection with new coronary virus.

If this group is infected with a new crown, how should I use medicine?What are the taboos?What should I do if I need to go to the hospital regularly to go to the hospital?

Patients with different basic diseases are different response strategies. There are also 5 key points that need to be kept in mind:

1. Patients with cardiovascular disease: Care can be used for home. During this period, daily monitoring pulse and blood pressure shall not be discontinued at will.

Without special circumstances, you can take the corresponding symptoms of the new crown in community hospitals. During the peak infection, you can minimize the visit to the hospital.

2. Tumor patients: For these patients, it is generally recommended to suspend anti -tumor treatment first.After the new championship recovers, continue treatment.

If you have symptoms of fever, pay attention to drinking plenty of water and rest, you can use some drugs that solve the heat.

If the symptoms have not improved after medication, there is also difficulty in breathing and shortness of breath, and the body temperature lasts more than 38.5 ° C for more than 3 days, and you must contact the doctor.

3. Patients with chronic respiratory diseases: This type of patients do not need to change their daily treatment plans. Stop treatment will have the risk of aggravating basic diseases.

If the family has conditions, it is recommended to prepare some medical items, such as the oxygen meter (for monitoring blood oxygen saturation), thermal thermometer, blood pressure meter, etc.

If there is a low oxygen, it is also recommended to prepare oxygen.

If you are admitted to the new crown infection, it is recommended to bring the medication you usually take.

4. Patients with kidney disease: If this crowd wants to spend this winter safely, it is best to "stable and fast".How to see a doctor, and now try to see the doctor.

5. Other basic diseases should be monitored diligently and taking medicine in accordance with the doctor’s advice.Regular examinations need to be done in the hospital.

Regardless of which group, you have to wash your hands and disinfect diverse in recent times to do a good job of personal hygiene.

The room is ventilated on a regular basis, without densely personnel. When you go out, bring a mask to maintain a stable attitude.

Three years of resistance, today we walked to a key node together!

Guarding the elderly and weak, and the low -immunity of other diseases, walk through this cold winter, and become the goal of our joint guardian.

I hope that in the upcoming New Year, we are all safe and healthy, showing the most bright smile.

May each friend calmly face the peak of infection, use science and meticulous, protect yourself, and take care of your family.

If you think this article is useful, please lighten up, or forward it to your friends. Let’s walk together next to the way!

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