How to determine pregnancy?When your body gives these signals, you are waiting for being a mother!

The order of life is very important, especially the time for children to arrive has made many girls feel heart.Sometimes menstruation has not come for two or three days, and some girls are panicked -what if the child is here at this time?The time when I was waiting for menstruation was almost restless.

Xiao Wu’s menstruation has been postponed for more than a week. Every day Xiao Wu was annoyed by his career at the time, and he did not dare to go to the hospital to confirm whether he was pregnant.Xiao Wu’s girlfriend is the nurse of the obstetrics and gynecology department, so he served as Xiao Wu’s "mentor".

Xiao Wu said that he had some pain during this time, but the uterus had the feeling of menstruation but did not see bleeding. He was deducted for a day of salary because of a slap at work.After listening

Xiao Wu’s words, her girlfriend advised her to go to the hospital to check her body immediately.Xiao Wu did not dare to care about it. He went to the hospital for examination that afternoon, but he did not expect to be a mother.

In fact, in addition to the no menstruation arrived on time, there are some tips to judge whether women are pregnant.Xiao Wu’s girlfriend was determined by this to determine Xiao Wu’s pregnancy. After listening to Xiao Wu’s description, the girlfriend said: "You have satisfied 3 early pregnancy signals, just wait to be a mother!"

1. Breast pain

Breasts are closely related to the level of physical hormone in women.After the combination of women’s eggs and sperm forms fertilized eggs, progestin and human chorionic gonad hormones are secreted in large quantities.The direct result is that the blood capacity inside the breast becomes larger and the breasts are relatively inflated.Therefore, there will be some pain, and some changes will occur in the state of the breast. For example, it becomes softer and looks bigger in shape.

2. Uterine pain

The degree of pain will not be too heavy, some similar to the pain and spasm of menstruation.However, there is no sign of menstruation, such as bleeding, and the duration of pain is not as long as menstruation.At this time, most of the fertilized eggs have drifted into the uterus and attached to the uterus slowly.The uterus feels the changes in the surrounding environment slowly stretching the uterine wall (sometimes accompanied by mild bleeding), and it will also leave enough space for the growth of the fetus.PS: When stretching the uterus, it feels similar to the endometrium falling off during menstruation, so it feels like menstruation.

3. The body is easy to get tired

Although the baby may come to the abdomen of the pregnant mother, the time is still short, but it has begun to absorb the calories and energy of Baoma early.About two weeks, the fetus has a certain sense of presence, and it is always absorbing and sharing the nutrients of the mother’s body.Many sensitive Baoma will obviously feel that she is tired, it is easy to get tired, and she is more sleepy.Therefore, Xiao Wu will be sleepy at work, and he will be fined a day’s salary.

4. Nausea and vomiting

Xiao Wu was still in the early stages of pregnancy and did not show this situation.Generally speaking, from January to March in pregnancy, it is a high incidence of pregnancy and a very obvious feature.Therefore, many TV series will take pregnancy as one of the most intuitive signals of pregnancy.

Parenting Parenting Message:

Many Baoma found that menstruation did not come on time. The first time was not confirming her physical condition, but in endless guessing.In fact, there is the kung fu that guess and guess, it is better to observe whether your body has a signal of these 4 pregnancy.Once it is in line with two or more, you will be a mother in eight or nine!You need to go to the hospital to confirm or test it with early pregnancy test strips.

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