How to do an unwanted pregnancy?Five costs make scumbags nowhere to escape!#lawyer

How to do an unwanted pregnancy?Five costs make scumbags nowhere to escape!

When you are pregnant, remember the following five costs, so that the scumbag has nowhere to escape!After the accident, he told his boyfriend, but he tried his support, chose to escape, and even disappeared directly. What should I do?Remember the following five costs, so that the scumbag is nowhere to escape!

· 1. Who will bear the fetal fee?Some cases are sentenced to all the men, but some cases are judged by the men and women on average, and all the men bear it.I believe everyone understands, because he has a child that he has, who does he pay for the fetus?How did the men and women take half of their own sides?It is because the behavior of determining pregnancy is caused by the common behavior of both sides. After all, only a man is a man, and he can’t give birth.The two sides have worked together, and it is reasonable to judge this. Everyone is equal and should be responsible for their actions.

· 2. What are the standards for nutritional costs, misunderstandings, and care fees?During the abortion period, you need to take good care of it, commonly known as the small confinement.During this period, the nutrition and nursing costs spent by women can be asked to ask the man.There are different standards for nutritional expenses. Some of them are 50 yuan a day, and some are 80 yuan a day.So if you spend thousands of pieces of nutrition in a day, it is likely that you will determine that you have exceeded the statutory standards, and you bear it yourself.There was a number in my heart before the flower.

Nursing fees are generally 80-100 yuan a day. The amount is reasonable and it is easy to get the support of the court.The misunderstanding fee is very good to advocate how much salary the company spent during the small confinement. Please ask the company to provide a certificate to cooperate with your salary flow as evidence. The court will generally support it.

· Third, mental damage comfort.If there is evidence to prove that you have been severely infringed due to the mental of pregnancy, you can advocate mental damage.However, this compensation court does not necessarily support it, and the amount of support is not high.Do you know all these?The most important thing is to prevent beforehand, so as not to suffer afterwards.

If you like it, please pay attention.

Summary of knowledge:

· 1.DT fee;

· 2. Nutrition costs, misunderstandings, nursing fees;

· 3. Psychological damage.

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