How to eat three meals is the most reasonable?Many parents have made mistakes, be careful that the child is getting worse and worse

At the time of the summer vacation, not as hurry as in school, many parents began to "make up" for their children, three meals a day, big fish and meat.Is it really feasible?

Everything is too late. If the child suddenly consumes a lot of food, it will increase the burden on the digestive tract that affects digestion and absorption caused by problems such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, and abdominal distension.At the time, the body’s blood will be diverted to the gastrointestinal tract, reducing the blood supply to the brain and reducing learning efficiency.


How should I match three meals a day?

Do I need to add meals outside the meal?

Children’s daily diet should include cereals, vegetables and fruits, livestock and poultry eggs, milk and soy foods. It is recommended to take more than 12 kinds of foods per day and take more than 25 kinds of foods per week.

Eating more grains can provide sufficient energy. It is recommended to eat 200 to 300 grams a day. Choose rough processed cereals. Try not to eat refined rice white noodles, because it will lose a lot of vitamins after processing.Potatoes, yam and other potatoes can be eaten about 100 grams.

Eat more vegetables and fruits to ensure that you consume enough vitamins every day, and appropriately consume high -quality protein such as lean meat, eggs, milk, etc.Take 20 ~ 25 ml of oil per day. Do not take more than 5 grams of salt per day. Add sugar such as white granulated sugar.

In addition, the meal can be appropriately added according to the child’s feelings. To add meals, choose foods, such as yogurt, bean porridge, oat porridge, small pieces of bread and fruits.Do not have too much amount, just have no hunger.If you add meals after dinner, it is best to get more than 1 hour before sleeping. Do not eat foods with too much moisture content.


Is it necessary to eat nutritional supplements?

If the child’s appetite is normally appetizing, it is advocated to obtain balanced nutrition from daily diet.Blindly eating nutritional supplements will make them feel that they can eat nutritional supplements without having to eat well.

If the child is in a disease period, such as a cold or other diseases affecting normal eating, you can add some nutrients appropriately. You can add a variety of nutrients or milk protein powder to them according to the child’s situation to satisfy the child’s macro nutrients in macro nutrients.And the needs of micro nutrients.

It is reminded that parents should not buy supplementary nutrients by themselves. It is recommended to go to the hospital’s nutritional clinic clinic to evaluate the child’s nutritional status and then choose it.


Hot weather

How to ensure food hygiene when cooking?

In summer, parents should pay attention to the following points when cooking:

1. After the ingredients are purchased, it should be stored reasonably. Animal foods and plant foods in the refrigerator, that is, fish, meat, vegetables, and fruits should be stored separately;

2. Separation of lettuce and cooked vegetables, including knives and cutting boards to be cooked and separated;

3. Food should be fully heated, especially animal foods, such as meat, fish, and eggs that can only be eaten after being fully heated;

4. Pay attention to the cleaning of the refrigerator, because the refrigerator is the main place to store food. Whether health will affect the freshness of the food.

5. Do not buy cooked food without sealed packaging, including color -larva -cold dishes;

6. Wash your hands full before cooking so that you can ensure that the food you eat is relatively sterile.

Source: Science Popularization China (ID: science_china)

Experts in this article: Ye Yan, Chief Physician of Nutrition Department of Zhejiang Provincial People’s Hospital

Produced: Liu Hong Cheng Miao

Edit: Gu Peng

School pair: Dong Jingxue

Internship: Xing Danzheng

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