How to estimate about the due date?

"The result of just pregnancy test is positive. How can I calculate the due date?"

Once this good news is confirmed, it is time to open the calendar to mark important days: your due date.But one day is your due date? Should you start 9 months from today? Or is it from the day you may be pregnant? Is it 40 weeks? When will you start 40 weeks?As soon as I was pregnant, I started to confused.When will this baby be born?

Take a deep breath, let’s do basic arithmetic during pregnancy.For the sake of convenience (we always know when the baby is born), and it is also conventional (also needed some reference standards to measure the baby’s growth and development).It continues to accurate 40 weeks, in fact, 39 ~ 41 weeks are considered to be pregnant (babies born in 39 weeks are not "premature", and babies born in 41 weeks are not "expired").

But this will make you more confused.The 40 weeks of the pregnancy cycle are not calculated from the day of your pregnancy (or your passionate night).It is calculated from the first day of your last menstrual period (LMP).Why start calculation during pregnancy before the sperm eggs meet (even before you ovulate)? The last menstrual period is a reliable date that can be used to calculate.After all, even if you can determine the date of ovulation (you can judge through the official neck mucus or ovulation test strip), you can determine the day or days when you are in the same room, you may not be sure that the combination of sperm and eggs (that is, fertilization).Because sperm can survive for 3-5 days after entering the vagina, waiting for the binding with the eggs; and after the eggs are excreted, you can fertilize within 24 hours-this is not as simple as you think.

Therefore, we do not use this uncertain pregnancy day as the beginning of pregnancy, but use a certain day: the first day of your last menstrual period is usually about two weeks before pregnancy in a typical physiological cycle.In other words, these two weeks have been calculated during the 40 -week pregnancy when sperm and eggs meet.And when you find that menstruation has not come, it has been calculated to the fourth week during pregnancy.When the pregnancy finally reached 40 weeks, only 38 weeks pregnant

Is this calculation that makes you confused? It is not surprising that this calculation method is already easy to be confused.However, you don’t understand the entire calculation method.To calculate the due date (the reason for the "pre -" period is because it is just an estimated value), as long as you want: the day of the first day of the period of the last menstrual period minus 3 months, plus 7 days, it is your youDue to due date.For example, your last menstrual period starts on April 12, so the first three months are January 12, plus 7 days, then your due date is January 19th of the next year.Don’t want to count it yourself? It’s okay.As long as you enter the application software of what to exceed, it will calculate the due date for you.You will know that you are in the first few weeks of pregnancy and start a decline during pregnancy.Now the software has brought a lot of convenience to computing. We use the software is Meiyou APP software

It is worth noting that if your physiological cycle is irregular, it is not necessary to calculate the due date with the method of the last menstrual period.Even if the physiological cycle is relatively regular, the due date given by the doctor may be different from the expected period calculated by your last menstrual method or other software.Because the most accurate way to calculate the due date is to pass early ultrasound inspections.This ultrasonic examination is usually carried out at 6 to 9 weeks of pregnancy, and the size of the embryo can accurately measure the size of the embryo (the maneuver value measured by the ultrasonic examination after 3 months of pregnancy is not accurate at this time).Most doctors finally determine the due date through the two ways of ultrasound examination and the last menstrual period. Some physical changes can also help us determine, including your uterine size and the height of the uterine bottom (that is, the height of the uterus, this is 3 months of pregnancy.After each prenatal examination, it must be measured, and the palace can flatten the umbilicus at about 20 weeks).

All clues point to the same day? Remember, even the most reliable due date is just a "pre -pre -production period.

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