How to get a physical official announcement: I am pregnant

Pregnancy is almost a big event that the workplace woman cannot avoid. At the moment of knowing pregnancy, she is happy and embarrassed. She hopes to get the understanding and care of the leadership, but also hope not affect her work and status.

Even before pregnancy, the women in the workplace almost started to think about these issues:

· How to tell the leader if you are pregnant?

· When do you say?

· How to let the leader know that it will not affect your work, but also take care of yourself?

If you think about it, the treatment of this link is indeed very sensitive, and it is also important to the development of women in the workplace.

Sister Anne interviewed several mother -in -the -work mothers around her, and wanted to hear how they did it at the time.



31 years old, Japanese -funded manufacturing HR, Guangzhou

What kind of mood is you knowing that you are pregnant?

I am not easy to get pregnant. When I know that I am pregnant, I am particularly happy that I have finally become pregnant on the one hand, and on the other hand, I am particularly embarrassed. What should I do?If the leader knows if there will be other ideas, let others replace my position?Is there any place to go back after maternity leave?Will I be marginalized and so on.

How did you inform the leaders during pregnancy?

Before I went to tell the leader, I asked colleagues with children in the department. They encouraged me to tell the leaders themselves and learned about the situation from my colleagues. I felt that they and the leader felt good after saying.

After I did a week of psychological construction at home, I told the leader one day and told her that I was pregnant. The next job may require a small partner to share it.

The response of the leader was unexpected. She expressed his sincere happiness and expressed his understanding of my needs.

She arranged my job at the time and conveyed it in the department for everyone to take care of me.I am very grateful in my heart.

Are you worried that having a child will affect your development?

Before my vacation, our leader stared at me and asked me to write a detailed work transfer. I was also a little embarrassed at the time. I was worried that I asked me to write so detailed, and I was afraid that I had no place to go back.Going down, there is a trick of well, everyone is divided, and everyone has no complaints.

As soon as I came back to work in maternity leave, the leader asked me if I could adapt at the meeting. I could take it slowly. After consulting my opinion, I asked everyone to return the job to me.I think our company is really human.



35 years old, joint venture manufacturing, Guangzhou

How did you tell the leader?

When I told the supervisor when I was stable for 3 months, she sat next to me.I said to her in the seat: Sister XX, I’m pregnant, for three months.The next thing to work should be troublesome.

Then two days later, she opened a group meeting, adjusted the work in the group, and divided the work of pregnant women to other team members.

Do you have any concerns when you say?

What I should do at this age is full of confidence.I think everyone here is directly talking to the supervisor, and then the supervisor will tell the chief.They also feel that they are getting married, and pregnancy is normal at any time.

After telling the leader, do your job change?

Every time I have a small meeting, the supervisor will take the initiative to say that I have a lot of work content, and ask me if I want to give it to others.they.



38 years old, foreign trade sales, Changsha

Are you telling the leader right away?

When I was pregnant for the first time, I did not say that the leader sent me to Zhengzhou for a business trip, and then I told him.

Have you ever thought that pregnancy would affect care development?

I didn’t think so much at the time. It was the most important thing to protect my child.When the first child was born, it was really loose, and the leader was also very good to me. He returned from studying in Germany. He respected women very much. It was not doubtful. Suspects did not use it. I like the leader very much.

When there was a second child, the leader was not so good when he changed his second child. He did not like female employees pregnant and put pressure on the pregnant female employees.I was lucky at that time. I didn’t have a new leader for a long time. I heard that I was pregnant and cared about me.

If I did sales at that time, the competition was fierce, and the pregnancy was still very stressful because I was worried that the customer would be robbed.



40 years old, Internet technology company, Guangzhou

At that time, when I knew that I was pregnant, I didn’t seem to deliberately think about how to tell the leader.I remember in the QQ group of our department. Everyone was talking about a group building. When, where did you want to go, I said, "I will not participate, you go to play, I have it."Then the colleagues were uproar and said something like "Are you there? Congratulations" and the like.

The leaders are also in the group, and they should be seen at that time.At that time, I was 30 years old. I didn’t plan to tell the leader at all. I just said that when the department wanted to build a group building, I naturally said in the group.I don’t think it is necessary to tell them deliberately.

Of course, my work has not been adjusted much. Until 7 or 8 months of pregnancy, I am still in charge of a large -scale recruitment project. With a big belly, I was interviewed with a group of executives.

I remember that after the interview, some candidates and I were chatting with some of the subsequent arrangements, and my eyes would glance at my belly from time to time. Although they didn’t say anything on their mouths, I thought this may not be the best arrangement.

Think about it now. If I could tell the leaders very well at the time, and planned and arranged my job in front of him, my career development may be better.



38 years old, foreign trade business, Suzhou

How did you let the leader know?

At that time, I belonged to older pregnancy, and I knew all the doors, so the entire department also knew.I first told my colleagues because there will be many jobs for other colleagues to help share the sharing.

Have you worried that leaders will not pay attention to themselves?

Pregnant baby will have an impact on salary increase in the short term, and different impacts according to the positions.There are many girls in our business department, and pregnant baby is expected by the leader, so it will not have a great impact.

After returning from giving birth, have you changed your post?

no change.

After listening to the sharing of the sisters, Sister Anne felt that the trouble and joy of women in the workplace were still parallel in the incident of giving birth.

Although the sisters seem to be easy to pass on the issue of pregnancy, the culture of each company is different, and everyone encounters different people.It does not mean that their method must be suitable for you.

But from their sharing, we can also see that we do n’t have to be too nervous to announce pregnancy, we should be full of confidence, but we should also be prepared, then you will have more with less work and win the initiative for ourselves.

Maybe you are at the age of marriage or pregnancy, maybe you are planning to be a mother again while you are young, or maybe you have just ushered in a small life, no matter what stage you are, you can’t escape the announcement at the company to announce the incident at the company.——This is a good thing for you, but for the company, colleagues and partners, you are halked.

So, how to tell the company or superior to "I am pregnant", which can make yourself take care of yourself more frankly without affecting your career development?

After a series of interviews with a series of interviews and combined with her own experience, I summarized the following methods, no matter which company you are and where you are, I believe it will be useful to you.

The first is preparation.

If pregnancy has been included in your life plan, it is best to spend part of your time to adjust your mentality and work rhythm before pregnancy, and understand some relevant legal knowledge, rules and regulations.

Of course, if the arrival of a small life is an unexpected surprise, it is not too late to take him to do these things.

For example, you can aim at the opportunity to apply for a department with a business manner with relatively few overtime and relatively few overtime overtime, or understand the company’s maternity leave period from the side of the company’s old employees. Whether the salary will change, and the relevant reimbursement system and benefits, so as to do it.

If you do n’t love communication, you must pay attention to forming a good interpersonal relationship with your colleagues at this time. This will be the prerequisite for your pregnancy during pregnancy.It is your prerequisite for the smooth development of the workplace.

When you are inconvenient, you will help you with a copy, hot rice, and heavy objects; someone will help you handle your work when you go to the birth checkup; even due to the reaction during pregnancy, you will occasionally do not be in your state.explain.Don’t think you are a pregnant woman, colleagues in these things should help you.

When you are ready, you can enter the notification stage.

Many expectant mothers did not dare to tell the leader to get pregnant because they were too nervous, but they told some good colleagues.Here, I want to remind you of uppercase: Pregnancy, it is best not to disclose to other colleagues before telling the leader.

Because office rumors will pass faster than you expect to the leaders’ ears. If the leader learns that the channel is not through you but a gossip, then the leader will feel that you do not respect him.Impression will be discounted.

The best way to tell the leader this news is to agree with him for a time, sit down face to face, and tell the leader to be pregnant with preparation, and discuss your next work arrangement with the leader.

Remember, give you the arrangement and plan of your leader, and let him settle instead of waiting for the leader to arrange for you. In this way, the leader will think that you are very responsible and have a global view.

Remember to have a plan forever, so you can grasp the initiative.

At the same time, when communicating with leadership, we should pay attention to three points.

First, choose the right time and occasion

Try to avoid the company when dealing with major events -for example, the superior unit to check, your leadership must be busy receiving higher -level leaders; for example, at the beginning and end of a major project, these two stages need to be needed.When leaders are most likely to make decisions and the company’s finances, they are not suitable for private topics; for example, the company is facing layoffs, internal turbulence, and more people who have resigned and departmental adjustments.It is tantamount to adding to pregnancy.

At the time of aiming at the time when the company runs relatively smoothly, when the leader is in a good mood, it will be more conducive to you.

Second, just tell the facts

You are pregnant. What the leader wants to know most is your due date, which day you need to start leave, how do you arrange your work task; he is disgusting to you in the morning, or your pregnancy is purely an accident.No interest.

He needs time to digest and solve the problem: find someone to replace your job, hand over unin -completed projects at hand, and will not suddenly be busy.

Therefore, don’t think about your boss if you think about it: "Please rest assured that pregnancy will never have any impact on my work!" Or blind guarantee "I will work until how many weeks of pregnancy."

Because these are not in the control of your controllable, the leaders will feel unrealistic and immature when listening to it. As long as you tell the leader, you will do your best.

In this matter, don’t be too stubborn, but don’t be too delicate. Women who maintain a reasonable work rhythm after pregnancy are still most.

The more appropriate approach is:

Simply report my current physical condition and work progress, and then focus on the part of the part of the part that I can still bear.Form a comprehensive solution.

Third, don’t look forward to the response of the leader too high

After hearing your good news, your leader may give you a big hug and say "congratulations" to you. Some leaders may say "Okay, I know", andSome leaders will first think of the last period of your work, and may even mumble "It’s not time."

When you hear these words, you don’t have to take it too much, your position is different. Don’t care too much or think it is aimed at you, let alone go to work with emotions.

Special supplement: The company’s attitude towards fertility babies is actually the test gold stone for the development of personal workplace in the future.If a company is like an enemy in the workplace, it shows that it is culturally defective in culture. Such a company and career prospects are also doubtful.

After informing the leader and reaching an agreement through communication, you will tell your colleagues again.

When informing colleagues, it is best to follow the two principles:

The first principle is based on the needs of work.

For colleagues, your pregnancy is indeed a good thing, so there is no need to inform everyone in advance.However, you must tell your job with your job or a colleague who is about to get trouble to get their understanding earlier and will greatly help the progress of work.

Not only to inform, but also to list the work details, so that the colleagues who hand over can learn about your work faster.If it is possible, you have to let him enter your job as soon as possible. In case you have special circumstances, colleagues who take your work can adapt early, and he will not complain about you.

Don’t think that I just handed it out like this. Will you have no place to come back after giving birth?In fact, if you are planning to hand over pregnancy, if you can plan well, you will not only bring the novice to ensure the smooth development of the work, and the department is not in chaos because of your vacation. This can better reflect your professionalism.And professionalism, this is exactly the overall view and leadership in the workplace.

Even if you really happen, you really do n’t want to see, but this process has given you a good exercise, and there will be no steps to walk in vain.

The second principle is shared limited.

Don’t say that you are pregnant, and don’t take your appetite well or not, is there any pregnancy, is your baby kicking your topic and sharing the world.You can share with your girlfriends online while you can share with your family, but don’t tell your colleagues too much.

Because, when you communicate with your colleagues about the details of pregnancy, you will seem that you are not professional enough, and it will make people feel that you do not use your mind in your work.Even if leaders and colleagues can understand the joy you want to be a mother, you can’t guarantee what they think in their hearts.

At the end

Pregnancy is only a stage in life. It will soon pass, but it is very important.Some women are afraid of ending at this intersection and retreat in difficulties; some women seem to have become new and live themselves.

Don’t be afraid, if you encounter it, you can deal with it generously. According to the experience shared by Sister Anne above, I believe you can spend this period steadily and win the initiative for your team and the company for the company.

As long as it is properly handled, the satisfaction and happiness brought by work will not end because of pregnancy and child.

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