How to improve the difference between body cold and palace cold

Sports Han and Gong Han are two different diseases. Some people may think that both of them have cold.So it should be almost the same.Is it the same as Gong Han?what differences are there?

What is the difference between body cold and palace Han

Different range

Gong Han only happened to women.

Body cold is male and female.

Different objects

Gong Han’s object is the uterus.

The object of body cold is the body.

Different symptoms

Gonghan manifested in the lack of kidney yang in women, and the cell palace was lost in the lower abdomen, pain, leucorrhea, dysmenorrhea, menstrual disorders, tight pulse, thin white and soap.

The body cold manifests as chills, fear of cold, pale complexion, cold hands and feet, easy fatigue and weakness, weakness, and even frequent diarrhea, thin stool, abdominal pain and joy and other symptoms.


Gonghan is generally difficult to bed for fertilized eggs, that is, it is difficult to get pregnant.

The body cold is generally weak and blood, and the qi and blood are not enough. In winter, they are particularly afraid of cold, and they rarely sweat in summer.

Precautions for Woman Small Woman

1. Do not take a cold bath.Women with cold constitution, even if the weather is hot, can’t take a cold bath. If you often take cold baths, you may cause endocrine disorders, abdominal pain, and abnormal menstrual period.Hot bath helps blood circulation.

2. Drink more hot water and drink less ice water, cold drinks, ice cream and other things.Drinking hot water is definitely a Best and harmless for women, which can help women resist cold.

3. Drink some brown sugar ginger water frequently.Brown sugar ginger water is definitely a good thing to drive cold and blood.It can also be said to be a drink for women’s body cold.

4. Eat more ginger in the morning.Ginger is a warm food. Eating more ginger has the effects of body fever and blood circulation.It is best to get up in the morning with a piece of ginger in the mouth.This can effectively regulate the cold body of the body in the long run.

5. Eat mutton in winter.Eating mutton in summer can easily get angry, but eating lamb in winter can effectively resist the cold, which is also a good way to keep health care in winter.

6. Comb on your hair (Baidou), blow the navel eyes (Dantian) with a hair dryer after bathing, blow the waist of hypoglycemia, do not blow the back of the head, soak the hot water feet every night, and knock on three miles a day.

Small sport suitable for women with cold women

Symptoms are caused by the staggered physical and living habits. It takes a long time to take a long time to treat the body cold, but as long as we pay more attention to life and adhere to the healthy living habits for a long time, we can effectively effectively effectively.Prevention and cold.

Most of the calories in the body are generated by "muscles", especially through the "use" of lower body muscles, which can effectively promote the blood circulation of the whole body and achieve the effect of body heat.On weekdays, you can stand with your toes as much as possible, stretch your fingers, the blood circulation is smooth, and the cold body cold will be effectively prevented.

1. Squat exercise

Open your legs as wide as your shoulders, cross your hands back, and open your toes slightly.Stretch the muscles on the back, squat while inhaling, and try to open the posture as much as possible, and then reply to the original posture while exhaling.5-10 times is a group, and 5 groups are made after a minute of rest.

2. Stretch your fingers

Hook your fingers on the chest, about 7 seconds, stretch your hands outwards.After that, relax.When stretching, be careful not to do too much on your shoulders, so that repeated several times can gradually make blood circulation gradually smoother.

Recommended diet

1. Angelica stewed chicken soup

Stew with angelica with chicken, stew with a high heat for half an hour, and then simmer for 2 hours with low heat. After the meat is rotten, drink soup, eat meat, and eat it frequently, you can remove the cold of the body.It is very helpful for improving the coldness of hands and feet.

2, red dates water

Boil with red dates and brown sugar together, and then add an appropriate amount of longan, drink soup, and can drink it after the female scriptures, which is greatly helpful to improve the body’s cold and physique.

3, Angelica catfish soup

Treat the catfish, process angelica, wolfberry, and ginger slices. Cut into slices of angelica, cut ginger into silk, and cook all the ingredients with cooking wine together. After cooking with low heat for half an hour, Join the ginger, ginger, and condiments.Not only does it nourish qi, but it also has milk to promote breast development. It is suitable for women who are suitable for cold.

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