How to improve the symptoms of insomnia during pregnancy?Start with daily life habits and eating habits

After the human body is pregnant, the body changes greatly, the body may temporarily lose balance, and endocrine changes cause emotional changes, which leads to insomnia.

The changes in the personal life of mothers during pregnancy, such as long -term leisure at home, have nothing to do, too much thought and worry, can also induce insomnia or even depression.

① You can drink hot milk before going to bed. Do not drink water for two hours before going to bed.Especially do not drink too much water before going to bed, avoid increased urination, and frequently get up to the toilet.

② Massage before going to bed, or wait for fatigue before going to bed.It is best to sleep on the left side to prevent the sleep from the influx of the lower cavity.Both feet can be curved slightly back, and a pillow is pinched between both knees, which helps eliminate fatigue.

③ Don’t be too soft in the mattress, you can also add a pillow on the waist; or buy a L -shaped pillow. When lying on the side of the pregnant woman, it can support the belly and reduce the discomfort caused by the fall of the stomach.

④ Daily sleeping and getting up should drink as little irritating drinks such as caffeine.

⑤ Take a warm water bath before going to bed.Do not exercise 4 hours before going to bed, because the movement will increase the adrenaline, which will cause excitement and insomnia.

⑥ During the day, you can do some gentle aerobic exercise, such as walking, stepping on bicycles (as much as possible in the room), swimming, yoga, etc. These activities can help consume physical fitness, help sleep, and will not make the pregnant mummy too fatigue.

In the second trimester, expectant mothers should not eat coffee tea, fried food, high -salt food, alcohol and other foods that affect emotions and interfere with sleep.

Foods rich in saturated fatty acids (mostly contained in the fats of animals such as beef, sheep, pigs, etc. There are a few plants such as coconut oil, cocoa oil, palm oil, etc.) may change the secretion of hormones in pregnant women, causing physical discomfort.Therefore, it is not suitable to eat in the middle of pregnancy. Do not eat too cold or too sweet food.Pregnant women should not eat before going to bed, so as not to cause insomnia due to aggravating gastrointestinal burden.

Some pregnant women may have insomnia due to blood deficiency. At this time, they can take more iron -rich foods, such as green vegetables, shellfish, etc. These foods are both nutritious and healthy and sleep.

In the middle of pregnancy, pregnant women often cramp, which will also greatly affect the quality of sleep. Therefore, they should pay attention to replenishing calcium, magnesium and B vitamins in time in diet. It is a better way to drink warm milk before bedtime.

In addition, pregnant women also need to consume more foods rich in dietary fiber and vitamin C, such as vegetables and fruits, reducing animal protein and refined starch, white rice, and sweets to avoid insomnia.

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Content reference: "Encyclopedia for Nutrition of Pregnancy"

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